Five WWE Superstars Aleister Black could feud with when he returns to SmackDown

Aleister Black

SmackDown has been intense the last few weeks with Daniel Bryan leaving the Blue Brand, Bianca Belair finding out her first challenger for the Women's Championship, Cesaro stepping up to potentially take on Roman Reigns and much more.

Another interesting thing happening on SmackDown is outside the ring. Yes, Aleister Black's imminent return to the WWE after not being on TV for a significant period has been teased through a series of vignettes.

But who will the Dutch star be feuding with when comes back to the Blue Brand? Let's take a look at five names who he could target in the near future:

5 | Apollo Crews

The Intercontinental Champion Apollo Crews has a new found attitude of late, one he relates to his Nigerian ancestors.

Black and Crews with their in-ring ability could steal shows if they were to go toe-to-toe for the IC Title. Their promos could relate to their families and how their ancestors have made them the men they are today.

Intense would be the right word if these two were to begin a rivalry in the near future.

Apollo Crews

4 | Seth Rollins

Who wouldn't want to see Seth Rollins and Aleister Black feud? The pair are exceptional on the mic and in the ring, as well as them having a past on RAW.

In what could be a battle of the 'right' visionary within the company, Rollins and Aleister could have one hell of a rivalry.

If this were to prevail, it wouldn't surprise me down the line that these two could very well align and dominate the Blue Brand with a joint vision. 

Seth Rollins

3 | Jey Uso

Put it this way, with the singles run of Jey Uso over the past year plus, he and Black would have one hell of a match.

Recently Uso is starting to slip back into the 'Roman Reigns' cousin' bracket, instead of being the 'Main Event' worthy Superstar he is.

Jey could be the ideal first feud for Aleister, given The Dutch wrestler could use this as a potential pre-title push before setting his sights on Uso's cousin Reigns.

Jey Uso

2 | Roman Reigns

That brings us on to The Head of The Table himself Roman Reigns. 

Black is yet to win a singles title on the main roster, but this could be a prime opportunity to push the former NXT Champion to the heights he deserves.

Roman has just beat his latest challenger Daniel Bryan, banishing The Leader of The "Yes!" Movement from SmackDown. If Aleister were to step up as The Tribal Chief's next challenger, the promos alone would be unbelievable.  

Then if you turn your attention to that fast striking and hard-hitting styles of both men in the ring, imagine the contest they would have if given a substantial time.

Aleister's new gimmick, though it seems as if he will return as a 'heel', could still work perfectly against an egotistical Reigns.

Roman Reigns

1 | Edge

We haven't seen Edge since he was unsuccessful in the Universal Championship triple threat match at WrestleMania 37.

The Rated-R Superstar needs to change course from the title for the time being and what better way than to be Black's first rivalry when he returns.

Edge has shown he's still got it in the ring and going one-on-one with Black would create sparks. If Aleister were to come out of the feud as the stronger looking Superstar, it would only propel him for future opportunities at the top of WWE.


These are just five men who the Dutchman could look to face when he eventually makes his in-ring return. For now, it'll be interesting to see who he is eventually referring to in future chapters of Tales of The Dark Father.

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