Arsenal takeover: Financial expert raises concerns about Daniel Ek's ownership bid

Arsenal fans protesting against Stan Kroenke

A financial expert has raised some concerns as to why Spotify CEO Daniel Ek may not be successful in his bid to become Arsenal's new owner.

What's the latest news on a potential takeover at Arsenal?

Arsenal's current owner Stan Kroenke has come under pressure to sell the club following the collapse of the proposed European Super League last month, with fans protesting against his ownership ahead of Arsenal's recent home match against Everton.

Ek has since stepped forwards and claimed that he is interested in buying Arsenal, and would like to usher in a new era at the club.

What has the financial expert said about Ek's proposed takeover?

This may be music to the ears of Arsenal fans who seem to have completely lost faith in Kroenke. However, financial expert Kevin Maguire has some reservations about Ek being able to pull off the deal.

He has stated that the public nature of the negotiations and the reported figure that Ek is willing to pay may be potential stumbling blocks in convincing Kroenke to sell up.

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What changes would Daniel Ek make at Arsenal?

Ek has said that his ownership bid will not be a lone venture. He is keen to change the culture at the club, and plans to start this by getting some former players involved in the takeover.

Thierry Henry, Patrick Vieira and Dennis Bergkamp have all come forwards to support Ek's takeover, and the trio recently joined Ek in a meeting with the Arsenal Supporters' Trust (AST) to talk about how to take the club in the right direction.

The meeting was described as "constructive" with the AST putting across that they would like fans to have a greater say in matters, including having an equity stake in the club under Ek's ownership.

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How much will it cost to buy out Stan Kroenke?

It was reported last week that Kroenke would demand £2.15 billion in order to sell Arsenal. This is a potential issue for Ek's bid.

The Swedish entrepreneur is believed to be readying a £1.8 billion offer by the end of the week, which falls short of Kroenke's valuation.

This indicates that Ek will have to either negotiate with Kroenke over a fair price for both parties, or will simply have to up his offer to get his hands on the club that he supports.

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