Man Utd owner Avram Glazer refuses to apologise to fans despite Old Trafford protests


Manchester United fans made their feelings very clear to the Glazer family at the weekend.

On the back of the European Super League disaster, United supporters gathered at Old Trafford ahead of the Premier League clash with Liverpool to protest against the club's leadership.

The demonstration ultimately led to a security breach at the 'Theatre of Dreams' with many fans taking to the hallowed pitch, eventually prompting the postponement of the fixture entirely.

Man Utd fans protest at Old Trafford

Now, it's worth saying that United fans have been protesting the nature of the Glazer family's control for some time now, even when the Red Devils were the reigning Premier League champions.

But seldom has the displeasure of the Old Trafford faithful been so unignorable that arguably the biggest match-up in English football was reluctantly torn from the fixture schedule.

As such, you'd be forgiven for thinking that the Glazer family could no longer ignore the feeling amongst United fans and would seek to advance communications to assuage the displeasure.

Man Utd fan thinks the protests will have a great impact! (Football Terrace)

Sky News track down Avram Glazer

However, give or take a widely criticised apology for the European Super League incident, that has hitherto been unforthcoming from the Glazer family.

Nevertheless, on the back of the Old Trafford protests, Avram Glazer was given an unexpected chance to apologise for the situation when he was tracked down by Sky News this week.

US correspondent Sally Lockwood caught up with a sunglasses-clad Glazer after picking up groceries and proceeded to ask him many of the questions that United fans have been calling for.


Avram Glazer refuses to apologise

And perhaps none of them could have been more apt than Lockwood simply offering: "This an opportunity for you - an apology perhaps?"

However, as was the case when the Mirror caught up with him down in April, Glazer didn't say a word, refusing to apologise for the situation that led to the Old Trafford protests in the process.

Similarly, Glazer gave no indication that his family was willing to sell the club and eventually pulled away in his parked vehicle having not even so much as rebuffed Lockwood's approach.

It couldn't be a more telling reaction: saying nothing at all and driving away when probed for an apology on a situation that has upset so many fans to the point of outright protest.

As the Sky News journalist noted in her own report, the relationship between the Glazers and those who patronize arguably the world's biggest football club now seems more toxic than ever.

Joel Glazer's open letter to fans

And Joel Glazer's grovelling apology for the European Super League has done nothing to change that with little to no action nor response issue since what appeared to be a box-ticking exercise.

The American billionaire had written in an official statement last month: "We fully accept that the Super League was not the right way to go about it.


"In seeking to create a more stable foundation for the game, we failed to show enough respect for its deep-rooted traditions –promotion, relegation, the pyramid – and for that we are sorry.

"This is the world’s greatest football club and we apologise unreservedly for the unrest caused during these past few days. It is important for us to put that right."

The proof, as they say, will be in the pudding.

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