Jake Paul: Eddie Hall ominously calls out ‘Problem Child’ for exhibition bout


Internet personality Jake Paul may only be three bouts into his fledgling boxing career, but it seems that he is being called out for a fight by a new professional athlete every day at the moment.

The YouTube sensation has recently drawn attention from the likes of Tommy Fury, Daniel Cormier and Conor McGregor - to name just a few.

Now, 2017 World's Strongest Man winner Eddie Hall has added his own name to that list. Known as 'The Beast', Hall tips the scales at in excess of 25 stone - and is scheduled to make his own boxing debut later this year.

The 33-year-old Brit is due to clash with his fierce rival Hafthor 'Thor' Bjornsson in September. Bjornsson, probably best known for playing The Mountain in Game Of Thrones, himself weighs in almost 30 stone - meaning the Las Vegas bout more than justifies its billing as "The Heaviest Fight In Boxing History".

During a Q & A video on his own YouTube channel, Hall was asked whether he would consider a fight with Jake Paul after he has settled his differences with Bjornsson. Per The Sun Hall was very much open to the idea.

"I would actually," said Hall of the potential bout. "He’s actually surprised a lot of people, a lot of people laughed at Jake Paul."


"But he came out of the woodwork, he’s obviously trained very hard and he’s smashed his first victims in the ring, and he’s lined up a few more."

There is a staggering 11 stone weight difference between the decorated strongman and the social media superstar. However, Hall doesn't see this as a problem, citing his upcoming fight with Bjornsson - and even former world heavyweight champion Mike Tyson - as examples.

"Massive size difference, but there is between me and Thor, and Mike Tyson is living proof that size doesn’t really matter in the ring," argued Hall.


"It’s about what you do in there, how fast you are, how powerful and agile you are. That’s what matters.

“So if the money is right, I would 100 per cent fight Jake Paul. Why not? Good exposure for me, good exposure for him, and earn a few quid in doing so.

"I would probably want five minimum, £5million. So yeah, I’d fight Jake Paul for £5m. So Jake Paul bro, let’s get it on after Thor, eh?"

Even 12 months ago, the idea of Hall taking on Paul would have been absolutely unthinkable. When it comes to the Paul Brothers these days, though, it is hard to completely write anything off.

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