Pokemon Go: Marill Limited Research Event Revealed

Marill will be the featured Pokemon during May's limited and event-exclusive research

Niantic have revealed that Marill will be featured as part of Pokemon Go and its limited research feature.

Fairy-type Pokemon are a major part of the first half of the Luminous Legends series, with X getting underway today featuring legendary Pokemon Xerneas.

As part of the event, the series’ flagship generation-two Pokemon Marill is being promised as part of the research awards being offered up to trainers, but they will have to wait a bit longer to get their hands on the cuddly water-type.

As always, this will dramatically up the chances of capturing a shiny version of Marill. But of course, the chances will not be reduced like they are on Community Days, with Swablu being featured for the month of May.

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The X event will run for around two weeks from 4th May until 17th May, which will be followed by the Luminous Legends Y event. As part of X, fairy-type Pokemon will be much more common during this time frame.

Xerneas is now available in five-star raids and will act as the event’s mascot before it leaves to make way for Yveltal in the coming weeks.

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Marill Limited Research

Marill will be one of a number of fairy-type Pokemon that players can get their hands on as part of the limited research during the first half of May.

Along with this, event-exclusive research will be available for players to complete. All of this will be available to complete from Sunday 9th May from 8 am until 10 pm local time.

Shiny Marills can be captured during this event

Niantic has taken the Pokemon Go community to catch a collective 500 million fairy-types worldwide. With its extensive player database across the world, it is very much possible. If the task is completed by the end of the limited research, special bonuses will be awarded to trainers as a result.

As the summer months draw closer and players start making a return to the game as the days get warmer, you can expect to see more features like this released by Niantic in the near future.

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