Drew McIntyre recalls the exact match he realised he was 'over as a face' with WWE fans

Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre is arguably one of the biggest babyfaces in the WWE at the moment. The two-time WWE Champion has been on a huge journey since last year, winning the 2020 Royal Rumble, then beating Brock Lesnar for the title at WrestleMania 36.

"The Scottish Warrior" recently spoke to Sam Roberts on the Notsam Wrestling Podcast about his move to RAW's 'top good guy' and whether or not he thought he was ready to be it before the Rumble.

“I felt it from the fans, which was cool,” McIntyre said.

“But, like I mentioned earlier, I was at a different place mentally. I was like ‘the longer it takes, the better.’ The more they want it, the better. Because I understand now that it’s 52 weeks. We’ve got to get to a point where they know me inside and out.’

“The thing about that period was, I could’ve gone for it, but I wasn’t quite ready. I knew that. I knew there were pieces missing from the jigsaw puzzle. I know I didn’t quite have that connection with the fans that I needed. Even as a heel I was just ‘fake, angry bad guy.’ I didn’t quite have the defined character at the time and I didn’t quite know who I was 100%. As comfortable as I was, at the time I knew there was something missing."

Drew went on to mention how his support started to come from social media, as well as talking to fans in person. He said:

"And I remember consciously seeing on Twitter, feeling it from the crowd and being told in person by fans ‘why aren’t you in here?’ I’m like ‘okay, they’re feeling it. That’s cool. But I know it’s not time yet. And when it’s time, I’ll know as well,'

Drew McIntyre eliminates Brock Lesnar

“It did take until basically 2020 until I started feeling like ‘okay, the final pieces are falling into place. Now’s the time that we’re going for the title, now I feel like I’m in the spot where the connection has been made. I know who I am inside and out, because it’s just me finally.'”

The two-time WWE Champion noted one specific moment when he thought the connection with the fans was there and that was the catalyst to be the top babyface.

“I remember there was one particular match in Madison Square Garden where I was wrestling No Way Jose. And he came out first, did his shtick and it was a good reaction, babyface reaction.

Drew McIntyre

“And then I come out and I’ve never heard a reaction like that in my career at that point. I go out in the ring and No Way looked at me and said ‘Stone Cold?’ I was like ‘I have no idea what’s going on!’"

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