WWE Hall of Famer explains why The Undertaker deserves more credit for 'unparalleled career'

The Undertaker

The Undertaker is arguably the greatest character in professional wrestling history. The 30 year career of "The Deadman" is one that several generations of fans grew up watching. Mark Calaway, the man who portrays 'Taker, hung up his boots at Survivor Series last year - an emotional moment for all watching.

"The Phenom" was known for his multiple championship wins, his iconic entrance and move set, as well as the unforgettable 21-0 win streak at WrestleMania.

He has received huge respect from his peers and fans, but one WWE Hall of Famer thinks he deserves more credit for his career.

Speaking to Inside The Ropes, Jeff Jarrett thinks The Deadman should get more praise for what he's done for the industry.

"I believe he has an unparalleled career and, yes, he gets a lot of credit – I still don’t think he gets the credit he deserves for what he’s done for the industry," Jarrett said.

"The amount of tickets he’s sold or pay-per-view buy-rates he’s sold, how many other pieces of talent that he has truly, quote unquote, “given the rub” – whatever you want to call it, Mark may be the best in-ring businessman that the business has ever had and I sincerely mean that. His business acumen, as far as not only taking care of his character, but others as well. I don’t think he has a peer, candidly."

The six-time Intercontinental Champion went on to reminisce about his friendship with The Phenom and one specific match he had with him on Memorial Day in 1995. "Double J" said:

The Undertaker

"I wrestled The Undertaker. But what made that match so fun… It was a TV match but I don’t know eight, 10, 12 minutes – but a lot of action. And I mean, it was going. But what made it so fun and compelling and just a lot of moving parts was The Roadie was in my corner and obviously Paul Bearer in his and they interacted and I can remember the magic moments.

"When we came back to the dressing room, me and Mark both said, 'Well, that was a lot of fun.'"

Since 2019 Jarrett has been a producer for the WWE and even made a surprise entrance in the Royal Rumble match that year. The only other time he has competed for the company was in a one-on-one match with Elias on the February 4 episode of RAW.

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