UFC news: Chris Weidman fears amputation after horror UFC 261 leg break


UFC star Chris Weidman has revealed he could lose his leg as he recovers from horrific injury last month against Uriah Hall.

After the 36-year-old New Yorker sustained a gruesome double leg break at UFC 261 against the Jamaican-American fighter, his long road to recovery has begun.

But, as he provided an update on his progress, Weidman shared his growing fears on social media with his one million plus fans.

The two-weight fighter and former Middleweight Champion has been documenting his journey via a YouTube vlog through rehab since late last month, and posted a video on Instagram also.

And as he revealed the rather graphic nature of his surgery and subsequent recovery, his tone is already understandably tinged with concern.

“I was pretty scared about this pain because I’m thinking about the worst-case scenarios.


“Worst-care scenario is that the blood supply doesn’t come back to my bone and doesn’t take, which would mean possible amputation.

“So if that happened to my shin bone – my tibia or my fibula – I don’t know what would happen. Amputation, prosthetic leg, all that. So that scares me, and I’m praying and positive that’s not going to happen.

“But that’s just a possibility. I’ve spoken to a doctor about it. Tibias have the worst percentages of taking and healing properly after surgery. It’s not a bad percentage, it’s like five per cent. So that’s scary.”

After their bout was previously cancelled earlier this year due to Weidman testing positive for COVID-19, the rematch with Hall from their 2010 meeting in Ring of Combat, took place in Jacksonville, Florida on April 24.


With the fight barely a minute old in the Octagon, Weidman had thrown a heavy outside low kick, but which Hall checked with his left knee.

This resulted in Weidman’s right fibula and tibia breaking on contact, as he immediately fell to the mat. Referee Herb Dean then stopped the fight and declared Hall the winner via TKO.

As the recuperating Weidman went on to say in his vlog, he is experiencing other issues since the injury, including numbness in both his feet and toes. 

He also adds rather frankly, that after multiple surgeries during his career, his 24th one has been by far the toughest.

“I’ve had 23 surgeries, this is my 24th, and this is completely different in so many ways than anything I’ve ever dealt with. I’ve had neck surgeries, hand surgeries, and every body part you can think of surgeries. This has been pretty brutal.”

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