TikTok users stunned by clip of vaulter performing handstand on moving horse


TikTok users have been stunned by an astonishing video of vaulter performing a handstand on a horse.

Amanda Staalsoe is a Danish equestrian vaulter and physiotherapist. She has shared videos of her training sessions on TikTok, prompting comments of disbelief from users.

One particular video has attracted 1.4 million views and more than 178,000 likes. In the clip, which can be viewed here, Staalsoe is seen doing a handstand on a vaulting barrel, before replicating the move on a moving horse.

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In the video, Staalsoe actually fails to complete the handstand on the horse. Laughing at herself, she posted the caption: “What I think I’m doing vs what I’m actually doing”.

Despite the mistake, many TikTok users are still impressed at Staalsoe’s ability. One account, going by the name of tyyasiaaa, wrote: “I didn’t notice it was a fail until she said something.”

UNKNOWN EMBED: pre-embed, pre-instagram

Staalsoe also shares her training videos on her Instagram account, which has attracted nearly 45,000 followers.

Equestrian vaulting is defined as gymnastics and dance on horseback. One of the ten disciplines recognised by the International Equestrian Federation, it can be practiced competitively or non-competitively. 

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