WWE star mocks AEW and Chris Jericho for 'soft' bump during Blood & Guts match

Jericho's bump on AEW has been called out by WWE star

WWE NXT star Shotzi Blackheart appeared to take a shot at the ending to AEW's Blood and Guts match on Wednesday night. 

The bout - which main-evented Dynamite's weekly show - ended with Chris Jericho and MJF on top of a steel cage.

As leader of the Pinnacle stable, he forced the other Inner Circle members to surrender the match by threatening to toss Jericho onto the floor below. 

After victory was confirmed, MJF proceeded to push his rival off the cage anyway and 'The Demo-God' fell through the stage, onto a crash pad. Check out the clip below:

AEW's Blood and Guts match was well received by professional wrestling fans, but NXT star Blackheart didn't appear too impressed on social media.

Moments after Dynamite finished, she tweeted a gif of someone falling comfortably onto a bed, appearing to reference Jericho's fall.

Check out the tweet below:

It's fair to say Shotzi's tweet caught the attention of wrestling fans on social media. Some agreed with her jibe, while others quickly jumped to the defence of AEW

"Lmao, you have no reason to talk after you botch match after match. Plus at least it was better than standing in one pile waiting for somebody to jump off the cage. Sit down Shotzi," one fired back. 

One fan wasn't impressed with Blackheart's tweet

A second fan even went as far as calling Blackheart's response 'unnecessary', writing: 

"Unnecessary and not classy at all Shotzi. You have to take crazy bumps to GET OVER and get to Jericho's platform and level. HE does not. He put the work in for 30 years you want him to kill himself? It's a production and camera issue more than a bump issue."

A third fan did seem to agree with the WWE star's tweet though, replying: "Should’ve landed on the concrete like a professional." 

Shotzi caused a stir on social media

What was that about there being no competition between WWE and AEW?...

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