Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury: Gypsy King taking brutal body shots in training


Tyson Fury is insanity personified. No, really.

Every single time you think you have seen it all, the Gypsy King comes up with something else as a further testament to the man of the highest-quality steel that he is.

It is no secret that he is currently plying his trade in Las Vegas as he prepares for the highly anticipated showdown with Anthony Joshua.

Much to the delight of his fans all around the world, Fury keeps giving them some glimpses of his training, and the most recent one is utterly mind-blowing.

On Wednesday, he happened to train with fellow boxer and world champion Josh Taylor – who is himself due to fight Jose Ramirez on May 22.

Fury took a series of Taylor’s most top-drawer punches, all right into his abs – which must be more solid than an iron rod by now – with the ease of a punching bag.

That is just plain ridiculous; see for yourself below!

Now seems a perfect time to remind you that Taylor is undefeated in his professional career, winning 17 fights. To prove the power he genuinely has as well, 13 of those fights have been won via knockout, so he’s nothing to scoff at… despite what Fury is doing in the clip!

While Anthony Joshua won’t be too daunted by that as no doubt he could take the same form of punishment, it just goes to show the measure of his task as he takes on his British counterpart later this year.

Fury has already issued him a warning through a Twitter rant, however, saying: “While I’m on a rant, I may as well call out one more person; a big useless dosser, not a real fighting man, hype job, bodybuild, crossfit, big, ugly s***house.

“And that’s Anthony Joshua. AJ, if you’re out there let’s make this fight happen you big dosser, you big s***house, bum dosser.

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Who is this heavyweight boxer?

“I’m going to smash your face in too, and there’s not one thing you can do about it. Prove me wrong sucker, prove me wrong.

“I’m No1, numero uno.”

The same day, Fury also vowed to quit in the corner if the bout with Joshua went past three rounds.

The way he took all those punches from Taylor, no wonder he is that confident.

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