Floyd Mayweather loses his head with Jake Paul in clash ahead of Logan Paul bout

Floyd Mayweather clashed with the Paul's

Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul came face-to-face on Thursday in Miami to promote their upcoming fight.

The two shared some words, as always in the build-up to fights.

Per TMZ, Mayweather said that he would fight Logan and his brother, Jake, on the same night. He also called the brother fake fighters.

Logan responded: "The only thing that's fake on this stage is Floyd's f**king hairline."

But things turned particularly nasty when Jake confronted Mayweather.

Jake got in Mayweather's face while he was doing an interview.

Floyd Mayweather

After the two exchanged words, the YouTube star then decided that he would snatch the cap off of Mayweather.

The 44-year-old was absolutely furious.

Mayweather went after Jake, who continued to goad him by repeatedly remarking: "Got your hat".

Watch the moment below...

Jake took to Twitter after the tussle, saying: "I stole his hate because he steals peoples money with his boring ass fights."

Before all the drama, Mayweather said he was only fighting Logan to have fun.

"We're going to come out, entertain and have fun," he said, per the Mirror.

"It's a fight for him but for me it's all about fun.

"The last time I fought in an exhibition in Japan it was only two minutes, hopefully this time it will be a bit longer.

"I've been here so many times and I just know what it takes."

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