Arsenal fan's explosive reaction to Mikel Arteta decision vs Villarreal goes viral


Many Arsenal fans are calling for Mikel Arteta’s head in the wake of their Europa League exit against Villarreal on Thursday evening.

Despite the Gunners ‘only’ needing one unanswered strike to cash in on their away goal at the Estadio de la Cerámica last week, they never really looked like scoring in their goalless second leg.

While it would have made sense for Arsenal to throw the kitchen sink at their Spanish opponents, the Premier League side merely seemed to limp and whimper as the game slowly fizzled out.

Arsenal 0-0 Villarreal

Don’t get me wrong, Arteta’s men were still able to carve out key chances, hitting the post twice and seeing Rob Holding come close, but there was a damning inevitability to their coming and going.

As such, Arsenal departed Emirates Stadium with their tails between their legs and little to nothing to show for their 2020/21 endeavours, which will not renew their run in the European game.

And many Gooners, rightly or wrongly, are pointing the accusatory finger at Arteta for the mess that they find themselves in and think that better game management could have saved their season.

Football Terrace: Europa League semi-final reaction

Mikel Arteta’s decision-making

Besides, there was one key decision that Arteta took during the draw with Villarreal that particularly struck a never with Arsenal fans and it remove Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang from the action.

Well, more specifically, Arteta’s decision to remove Aubameyang during a substitution that saw Willian, who hasn’t scored a single goal this season, take to the field for the final ten minutes.

Now, of course, it’s worth saying that Alexandre Lacazette was also thrown into the mix, but that doesn’t make swapping a 15-goal striker for a goalless winger any less frustrating for fans.


Arsenal fan Troopz rages

However, you can bet your bottom dollar that it didn’t strike more of a nerve than it did for famous Arsenal fan and former AFTV personality Troopz during an appearance on Barstool Sports.

Troopz is somewhat famed for his explosive reactions to negative Arsenal moments and to say that his reaction to the substitution was fiery would be the mother of all understatements.

So, please apply your seatbelts and avert your ears, children, because here is Troopz condemning Arteta for swapping Aubameyang for Willian in all its glory:

It was all pretty standard Troopz rage until the water bucket(???), wasn’t it?

Troopz’s passion for Arsenal

Then, things went a little bit WWE with Troopz openly berating Arteta and getting his anger out in variously impassioned ways, though he did apologise for splashing his colleagues, to be fair.

And look, there’s no denying that Troopz has pure passion for Arsenal and power to that, but he must have seen a mile off that such a furious reaction was going to lead to rival fans teasing him.


As such, let’s just say the fact that Troopz’s reaction has gone viral on Twitter is probably indicative of other Premier League fans rubbing their hands together in the face of Arsenal’s demise.

Either way, though, there’s no getting away from the reality of Arsenal marauding into the 2021/22 campaign without European football and that their 21st century journey has hit rock bottom.

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