Floyd Mayweather & Jake Paul brawl: Close-up footage emerges


Boxing’s pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather appeared in Miami to help promote his upcoming bout with Logan Paul, however, it was his opponent’s younger brother Jake who successfully got under 'Money's' skin and stole the show.

It began with Jake Paul asking if Mayweather wanted to set up a fight against him after his encounter with Logan on June 6 has taken place. The 50-0 boxer agreed, but then Paul said ‘got your hat’ and ran off with it.

This prompted Mayweather to say: “Don’t disrespect me! ’l’ll kill you, motherf*****. Are you crazy? I’m gonna f*** you up!”

This led to the mayhem that ensued with clips showing Mayweather putting Jake Paul in a headlock. Paul was seen later with a black eye, which was given to him by either Mayweather or one of the boxer’s security guards.

Following the incident, Paul said: “Word on the street already is that Floyd is sending goons after me to try and kill me or hurt me... if I die....... I died for the hat."

Paul had revealed that the stunt was pre-planned as he posted a video beforehand saying: “I’m about to steal Floyd Mayweather’s hat. I’ll let you know how it goes.”

Paul then later tweeted: “Went as planned.”

Not one to pass up on a publicity opportunity, or a way to make money, the YouTuber capitalised by preparing a line of exclusive hats which say ‘gotcha hat’.

Weirdly, though, Logan Paul seemed to blame Mayweather for the incident for ‘trying to kill his brother.'

Logan Paul is currently 0-1 as a pro boxer compared to Mayweather’s remarkable 50-0 record. That defeat for Paul also came against fellow YouTuber KSI, so it's hardly a glowing resume compared to his opponent's.

Once Mayweather is finished with Logan, it clearly appears that Jake is very much on ‘The Money’s’ radar for a highly anticipated future encounter.

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