Club logos quiz: Can you guess which European clubs these badges belong to?


The club crest means a lot to any football club.

It is the symbol that players represent and that fans boast proudly on their chests.

It carries with it all the weight of history from that particular club, all the good memories, all the trying times and all the moments of glory.

So it is no surprise that fans will guard their crest so fiercely, especially when corporate boardrooms try to change them in ill-fated rebrands.

Who can forget the outrage when Leeds United tried to change their historic logo, or when Everton gentrified their stately old symbol? 

Juventus were another club to controversially change their logo while even The Premier League itself drew ire from fans for their dramatic rebrand a few seasons ago.

In summary, a club logo is something that is woven right into the fabric of any football club across the world and, as a result, you are probably best advised not to tamper with them too much.

Europe, in particular, is the home to some truly superb logos right across the continent.

So, with that in mind, we thought we would pose a little test of your logo knowledge.

The object of the game is simple. You will be given a zoomed in snippet of a European club logo, leaving you to simply name which club it belongs to.

Sounds easy, right?

Let's see how you get on....

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The zoomed in club badges quiz: Whose club badge is this?

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