Floyd Mayweather's hair is being torn apart by 50 Cent after Jake Paul brawl


Floyd Mayweather has received serious ridicule from long-time foe 50 Cent on social media after being involved in a scuffle with YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul after he stole his hat at the press conference promoting 'Money's' fight with Jake's brother Logan.

That wasn't the main target of the rapper's digs, though. The subject of the abuse was Mayweather's new beard and hair combo.

The American stunned everyone when he was pictured with a full on beard and a full head of hair, but during the tussle yesterday, his barnet didn't look that great and that was picked on by 'Fiddy'.

It is rather surprising that a feud has come between Mayweather and 50 Cent, especially seeing as they used to be bosom buddies back in the day. However, after constant digs about finances and all sorts, the friendship is no more.

Mayweather vs The Pauls

Jake’s older brother Logan is preparing to face Mayweather in an exhibition boxing match which is set to commence on June 6 at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami Gardens. This all comes after the initial date was postponed earlier this year.

The build-up to the fight only got heated when Jake decided to spark a mass brawl with Mayweather’s entourage. As the pair continued to argue, Jake took Floyd’s baseball cap and then fled.

Social media has blown up in the aftermath and kept both Mayweather and the Paul brothers in the trending section, as the “gotcha hat” moment has been viewed by thousands online, with one of Mayweather’s old foes 50 Cent getting involved.


50 Cent tweeted to his near 13 million followers: "Floyd like you can’t show people my hair. LOL,” alongside a photo of Floyd with his hair showing.

It wasn't just Twitter where the rapper insulted Mayweather, however, he also posted on his Instagram about the haircut.


Prior to this fight, Floyd and 50 had exchanged some sour words, with the rapper even claiming that he would fight him in the ring.

However, all eyes are now on Mayweather vs the Paul brothers.

“Let's make it happen, yes sir, don't be calling Al Haymon [Mayweather’s advisor], for one night, got your hat,” Jake exclaimed just before it all erupted between the two camps.

“I’m 100 per cent sure it’s going to be a knockout,” Mayweather said. “It’s not really a fight for me. It is to him. For me, it’s just going out and doing what I do. This is all about entertainment. This is the biggest event since Covid hit.

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“It’s a fight for him. The last time I went out to perform in Japan, I know it was only two minutes, but hopefully it’ll be a little bit longer.”

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