Seth Rollins clashes with Roman Reigns on WWE SmackDown - face turn & future match teased

Rollins and Reigns teased a huge match on WWE SmackDown this week

Roman Reigns found himself in the middle of some family drama on SmackDown this week. 

His cousin, Jimmy Uso, finally made his long-awaited return to the Blue Brand and was invited back into the family by The Tribal Chief. 

But it seems there is still some bad blood between the pair and SmackDown ended with Jimmy walking away while Roman was attacked from behind by Cesaro. 

The Swiss Superman is actually the next challenger to the Universal Championship after he beat Seth Rollins to earn that shot in the opening match of last night's show. 

Interestingly, a communication breakdown led to The Usos interfering in that match, which cost Rollins and inadvertently ensured Reigns will have to defend his belt at WrestleMania Backlash. 

But it's what happened following the bout that has WWE fans talking.

An irate Rollins went to seek out Reigns after his cousins cost him the match and the pair squared up inside The Tribal Chief's dressing room. 

Rollins and Reigns clashed on SmackDown

"Listen, you and me, we've gone through a lot together. I didn't want to come in here and talk to you like this, but that son of a b**** Jimmy Uso cost me the match. 

"I need to know... should I be p***** at him, or should I be p***** at you?"

Unsurprisingly, after being challenged, Roman hit back:

"I understand where you're coming from. Yeah, my cousin screwed you over. But by losing, you screwed me over. 

Reigns and Rollins go head to head on SmackDown

"Now, I've got to deal with your loose ends, I've got to deal with Cesaro. And I will, because that's what I do. When it comes to my family, I'll handle that too. 

Seth got the final word in, sending a far from subtle warning to his former Shield Brother:

"Alright, fine. We're cool. You handle it, or I will." 

Rollins sent a clear message to Reigns

It really does look like WWE are planting the seeds for a future storyline between Rollins and Reigns, with WrestlingNews speculating that Seth might be turning face soon. 

The website suggests that he could begin feuding with Jimmy, Jey and eventually Roman over the next few months, as we head towards SummerSlam. That match, no doubt, would be huge. 

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