Super League: Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus defend plans and slam UEFA

Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez

Nine of the original European Super League clubs have committed to UEFA and its competitions once again.

The nine clubs, including the six English clubs involved, have all been given a financial punishment.

But three clubs are still refusing to budge.

Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus have now launched an attack against UEFA in strongly worded statements.

Their statement read: “The founding clubs have suffered, and continue to suffer, unacceptable third-party pressures, threats, and offenses to abandon the project and therefore desist from their right and duty to provide solutions to the football ecosystem via concrete proposals and constructive dialogue.

Juventus president, Agnelli

“This is intolerable under the rule of law and Tribunals have already ruled in favour of the Super League proposal, ordering FIFA and UEFA to, either directly or through their affiliated bodies, refrain from taking any action which may hinder this initiative in any way while court proceedings are pending.”

The three clubs slammed UEFA’s communication.

“The founding clubs expressly agreed that the Super League would only take place if such a competition was recognised by UEFA and/or FIFA or if, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, it was deemed to be a competition duly compatible for all purposes with the continuity of the founding clubs in their respective domestic competitions.

“However, despite being aware of the above terms, UEFA and FIFA have so far refused to establish any adequate channel of communication.”

They are ready to reconsider their original approach but outlined their commitment to finding an answer to the ‘crisis in the football sector’.

Barcelona president, Joan Laporta

“We are ready to reconsider the proposed approach, as necessary. However, we would be highly irresponsible if, being aware of the needs and systemic crisis in the football sector, which led us to announce the Super League, we abandoned such mission to provide effective and sustainable answers to the existential questions that threaten the football industry.

The joint statement ended by expressing their regret that the nine clubs left the project and committed to UEFA.

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“We regret to see that our friends and founding partners of the Super League project have now found themselves in such inconsistent and contradictory position when signing a number of commitments to UEFA yesterday.

“We have the duty to act in a responsible manner and persevere in the pursuit of adequate solutions, despite the unacceptable and ongoing pressures and threats received from UEFA.”

Despite all the fan outrage, it’s remarkable that the three clubs are still clinging on to hope that the Super League will go ahead.

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