Floyd Mayweather declining 50 Cent's Harry Potter challenge is still iconic


Floyd Mayweather became engaged in a furious argument and mass physical confrontation with Jake Paul, the brother of his next opponent Logan Paul, at yesterday’s press conference.

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During the press conference, Mayweather, who is scheduled to fight Logan Paul on June 6, threatened to put a beating on both Paul brothers in the same evening.

Fresh and riding a wave of confidence from his win over the former ONE and Bellator welterweight champion Ben Askren, Jake Paul opted to call Mayweather out on his comments and the pair squared up.

As tensions escalated, the YouTube star snatched the undefeated 50-0 boxer’s hat and attempted to run away, playfully announcing: “Got your hat, got your hat!”

Mayweather, who was held back by his security team, was furious with The Problem Child for the perceived act of disrespect, repeatedly shouting: “Don’t disrespect me like that, you don’t know who you’re f****** playing with!”

Cameras caught the rest of the mayhem, which ended with a ripped t-shirt and a black eye for the cocky Jake Paul and a bitter and hatless Mayweather being escorted away from the scene.


Today, however, a video has emerged which claims that yesterday’s hat-related fiasco with the Paul brothers isn’t even the most disrespectful thing to happen to Floyd.

A near-decade ago, shortly after Floyd’s release from prison, he became involved in a war of words and online spats with former friend and rapper 50 Cent.

Curtis James Jackson lll (better known as 50 Cent) claimed Mayweather owed him money, and their online feud quickly became the stuff of internet legend.

Around the period of the ‘ice-bucket challenge’ (remember that?), Jackson lll challenged Floyd to read a page of a Harry Potter novel, stating he’d donate $750,000 to charity should Mayweather make it all the way through a page.

American TV show host Jimmy Kimmel got himself in on the action by promising to broadcast the reading and offered Mayweather the chance to read the Dr. Seuss classic The Cat in the Hat instead. 

Mayweather was livid at the pair of them for the remarks and, despite the large sum of money promised to charity, refused to take part.

To give Floyd slightly more credit, though, he has in the past stated that he struggles to read complex sentences, it hasn’t stopped him from racking up career earnings of $560 million, however. 

The undefeated boxing superstar was reported to have banked $9 million in just his most recent exhibition bout with Japanese up-and-comer Tenshin Nasukawa. The fight didn’t make it out of the first round and was an easy night’s work for Money.

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His old foe 50 Cent, on the other hand, has struggled with his finances in recent years and only recently was forced to essentially file for bankruptcy. He is still worth a tidy $30 million, mind.

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