NXT Tag Team Champions MSK on why the brand is the best in the world


Tag team wrestling can be one of the best divisions in a company and the WWE is not different. Whether it's the main roster or NXT, the company boasts some of the best teams in the world.

The likes of The New Day, The Usos, The Viking Raiders and The Street Profits are the strong hold of the WWE's main roster, while MSK, The Grizzled Young Veterans, Imperium are just a few that compete in the Black and Gold Brand.

The latter could be argued as the best tag team division in the world, a statement current NXT Tag Team Champions MSK think is true.

Speaking exclusively to GIVEMESPORT, Nash Carter and Wes Lee explain why the competition on the Black and Gold Brand, as well as other team's hunger to succeed, make it the best tag team division in the world.

“Our tag division is the best in the world. It really is serious. It's just guys that really, really want it and really want to have the best matches and just grind so much harder," Carter said.

“I love this division. Like he (Wes) said, the competition aspect, it really brings the best out of us.”

Lee went on to describe how due to there being so many hungry teams in NXT, it makes MSK want to prove they are "the best" tag team in the world.


“Competition breeds progression and when you have so many people that are coming after us, with the targets on our back of having these championships, they're going to be coming really, really hard and we want that," he said.

“We want that challenge, we want people to be coming at us with everything that they have so that when we do defeat them and we are [then] continued to be seen as the best tag team in the world.”

However, to prove that, they need to defeat all competition. This is something the pair aren't shying away from.

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"We're not shying away from challenges. We are and will be fighting champions," Lee emphasised.

“We enjoy having people that push us and test us and make us have to elevate ourselves. Because if you're stagnant for too long, you're gonna get passed by and we don't like being passed. We like to pass people.”

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