Gaming: TikTok user builds working PlayStation 1 out of LEGO

Anthony John Clarke, known by the name bonkersbarman on TikTok, has just turned what sounds like science fiction into science fact.

With just a whole of Lego at his disposal, Clarke has built a PlayStation 1. At a glance, that may not sound all that impressive. The kicker is, this Lego PlayStation works just like the real deal.

The neatly assembled grey bricks play host to a spinning disc of Gran Turismo which functions just fine on the makeshift console.

Clarke apparently bought a PlayStation for just £1 at a car boot sale. In a poor state, the PlayStation was in dire need of some serious cleaning before it could even be turned on.

In a further bit of bad luck, it turned out that the console had been chipped. For the less tech savvy of us out there, chipped refers to the part of the console that allows users to circumnavigate DRM protections.

Thanks to this, players are able to enjoy games that went unreleased in their area.
After tidying up the battered components of his latest purchase, Clarke created a new outer shell for the PlayStation.

He used just one material: LEGO. You can see the whimsical creation by clicking here.

Amazingly, the on switch behaves just like an actual button, depressing under pressure. The all important power cable, meanwhile, is locked into position by the Lego bricks on either side of it. 

For now, the console is lacking a panel on top. Because of this missing appendage, both the disc and the wiring are left visible. Don’t bank on that remaining the case for much longer however as the Lego Playstation is still being worked on.

What a blast from the past for anyone born before the year 2000 this was. A similar wave of nostalgia can be found in the PlayStation 5’s Astro’s Playroom which is chock full of references and easter eggs to classic games from yesteryear.

Interestingly, Lego have already moved into the world of retro gaming themselves.

They revealed the Nintendo Entertainment System set, a gargantuan rendition of the classic household console, last year.

No word yet as to whether or not they plan to top this magnificent feat involving Nintendo’s long-time Sony rivals.