John Cena called out by WWE star who claims they'd have instant chemistry in the ring

Cena has been called out by a WWE NXT star for a dream match

Karrion Kross has called out John Cena once again, suggesting the pair would have instant chemistry if they were to ever share the ring. 

Last month, the pair sent social media into a frenzy when they both appeared to tease a match. 

The NXT star started things off by tweeting that it would be an 'honour' to retire the 16-time world champion one day. 

Cena saw that message and responded by posting a picture of Kross on his Instagram, which led to the NXT Champion sharing an image of the WWE legend in return. 

After that initial exchange, things all went a bit quiet. That was, until last Friday. 

During an interview with BT Sport, Kross was asked to name his WWE dream match and unsurprisingly, picked Cena. 

Check out the video below:

"I have a few, but to narrow it down to one, I think John Cena would probably be the match that I would most likely be interested in for the immediate future," the NXT star said.

"Everybody has already called out The Rock. Everyone already called out Brock Lesnar and everyone has exercised interest in seeing Scarlett and me versus The Fiend and Alexa Bliss.

"I think having the opportunity to work with John Cena on a really big stage, hopefully with people, would be awesome, and I think it’s two different generations meet." 

Kross wants to work with Cena one day

Kross went on to praise Cena for the impact he's had on a generation of WWE Superstars, before concluding that it would be 'awesome' to wrestle him one day. 

"I attribute a lot of my modern-day inspiration to his generation. I’ve never met him before, but it’s very easy to see, very easy to tell he’s one of the hardest working people like ever in this industry.

"He’s the reason why a lot of us have a job today. Personally, it would just be an honour to work with him. 

Kross has praised Cena for his work in WWE

"So I don’t know, I’m being honest I don’t know what it would be in it for him because I am only who I am and he’s John Cena.

"But maybe one day when the time is right and people feel that I have some higher equity in what they’re watching. If the company sees value in it, it would be awesome." 

"I am humble about where I am, and I’m definitely not trying to ride his coattails. I just think it would be an awesome match, and the chemistry we would have in the ring would shock people. 

Kross thinks he and Cena would have instant chemistry in WWE

"I just have a feeling, even though we’ve never met, that we think a lot alike. Usually, when I get that [intuition] about people, I am generally right." 

Please, please make it happen one day, WWE! 

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