Paul Heyman went off-script during SmackDown - update on if he broke WWE rules

Heyman went off script on WWE SmackDown this week but didn't break new rule

Daniel Bryan is officially a free agent after leaving WWE

The Leader of the 'Yes!' Movement wrestled what could be his final match on SmackDown on April 30. 

He failed to dethrone Universal Champion Roman Reigns and was instead 'banished' from the Blue Brand.

That storyline, of course, was used to write him off television and as it stands, Bryan's future is up in the air. 

Reports suggest WWE are hopeful he'll return and to further back up that suggestion, there was an interesting moment on last Friday's SmackDown. 

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer has confirmed reports that Paul Heyman went off-script at the start of the show, when he held a comedic 10-bell salute for Bryan. 

However, Roman Reigns' 'Special Counsel' did get prior approval to mention the recently departed WWE Superstar on SmackDown.  

Heyman's 10-bell salute to Bryan on SmackDown was not scripted

A further report from PWInsider has revealed that there is no edict in WWE to ban talent from mentioning Bryan's name on air. 

This is particularly interesting, given that former Superstars are rarely - if ever - mentioned after leaving. Just think about the CM Punk example, with a lockdown of any mention of his name.

These two reports then would suggest that WWE are confident Bryan will be back with the company one day and they are not actively looking to distance themselves from him following his departure. 

WWE are not looking to distance themselves from Bryan

And while Heyman went off-script with his 10-bell salute to DB, it did not cause any issues backstage. 

While Bryan's future is far from clear following his defeat to Reigns, the show must go on. In fact, the Universal Champion's next challenger has already been confirmed as Cesaro. 

That won't come as a huge shock to WWE fans, given The Swiss Superman was involved while Bryan and Roman were feuding. 

Cesaro will challenge Reigns for the Universal Title next

Cesaro will now get his shot at the Universal Title at WrestleMania Backlash and he'll look to do what Bryan failed to do - dethrone Reigns. 

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