Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather: Notorious reveals what he'd do differently


Conor McGregor has been in a reflective mood lately and that’s taken him to revealing what he would do differently should he ever face Floyd Mayweather again.

The Notorious took on Mayweather back in 2017 in what remains his only professional appearance as a boxer. As was expected, he was well beaten that night, but it seems he has developed a better plan since should a rematch ever come to fruition. 

Taking part in a Twitter Q&A last night, McGregor was asked by one fan what he would do differently if he did ever have a rematch with the American.

Given the way he responded, it's clear to see that the Irishman believes his poor conditioning cost him the fight on the night.

“I’d have people press forward in sparring,” he revealed during the Q&A.

“Especially in the later rounds. A fresh body pressing forward for the last four rounds.”

McGregor was visibly blowing in the later rounds and was more or less saved by the referee when he quickly became defenceless to Mayweather's onslaught. 


He better have something good up his sleeves when he faces Dustin Poirier, because that’s who his next opponent is and he definitely won’t make it easy for the first-ever double champion in UFC history.

Poirier tore into McGregor the last time the two came up against each other and the trilogy might well swing in the same direction for obvious reasons.

McGregor, though, does not seem to be lacking in confidence at all.

Once again taking to social media, the confident Irishman said: “July 10th I will do this absolutely flawlessly.

“We have these clowns sussed and fully!


“They wanna play a game of tactics? No problem, see you in there.

“You've awoken a beast. A beast with the backing of a much higher power!

“Say your prayers.”

To which, Poirier responded with the utmost humility.

“Let hard work be thy medicine.”

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Where was Conor McGregor born?

Indeed, Dustin. Indeed. Where few words would do, why use 200?

Nonetheless, we would rather see them battle it out in the Octagon than on Twitter, for we have Piers Morgan for Twitter feuds, and he does excel at that anyway.

The duo are already training for the big fight in July, with Poirier currently at the American Top Team and McGregor, who’s also in decent shape, training at the UFC Gym in Abu Dhabi.

Fight night is so nearly upon us, and we for one cannot wait!

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