Former WWE Champion returns to RAW and makes bold statement to locker room

Jinder Mahal

RAW saw the return of former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal. The Modern Day Maharaja, who featured on Main Event last week, beating Jeff Hardy, handed the Extreme Enigma the same fate on the Red Brand.

Speaking after his match, Mahal said the following:

"You know, I do have some support, but the main thing is The Modern Day Maharaja is back. And like I said earlier, nothing smells better than competition, that's what I'm here for."

Later on the show, the one-time WWE Champion introduced his new faction members Verr and Shanky, formally NXT's Idus Sher, on RAW Talk. 

He detailed the pair's journey to WWE, describing how Veer went from baseball to wrestling and Shanky went from accounting to wrestling.

The Modern Maharaja said:

"You show some respect. This man (points at Veer) started from a small village, became a national track star, not only that, [he was] the first Indian Major League Baseballer.

"And this (points at Shanky), not only is he seven-foot tall, but he used to be and accountant, so this is a smart giant. Not only that, he is a protégé of The Great Khali. So you show these guys some respect."

Mahal went on the say what impact having the pair along side him will have, and his ambition to become the WWE Champion for a second time.

"Not only that, they're with The Modern Day Maharaja. Together we will once again rise and I will become WWE Champion," he said.

There is no news as to whether Mahal will be going straight for RAW's top prize, but for the meantime, he seems to be locked in a feud with Hardy. This could work in his favour as a heel, due to the WWE Universe's love for Jeff.

In terms of Veer and Shanky, they are yet to compete on the main roster since their call up, so it will be interesting to see if the pair are thrown in to the tag team division soon.

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