Resident Evil Village: Twitch Streamer Showcases Amazing Lady Dimitrescu Cosplay

Lady Dimitrescu is one of the main antagonists from Resident Evil Village

If you have been on the internet over the past month, you will have probably discovered the internet frenzy that has overcome many regarding Resident Evil Village and new antagonist Lady Dimitrescu.

Capcom’s eighth edition to their successful horror franchise has already taken the gaming community by storm with many iconic characters stealing the headlines.

One of which is Lady Dimitrescu who featured in the demo and generated a lot of excitement among fans of the long-running series. Many speculated how tall she is as well as the background about her and how she obtained her imposing and paranormal presence.

As a result, and in typical fashion, many streamers and cosplayers on Twitch have taken it upon themselves to dress up as Lady Dimitrescu.

Since the game’s release on 7th May, many gaming have found it difficult to bypass the lady of the manor as they look to complete the latest Resident Evil chapter playing as protagonist Ethan Winters.

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Several sources online predicted that Lady Dimitrescu stands at 9’ 6” tall, which would make sense seeing as she has to duck through doors to get through them.

She allegedly obtained her powers from a mysterious woman by the name of Mother Miranda, who infected her with a Bio Organic Weapon (B.O.W) called a Cadou which granted Dimitrescu superhuman strength and recovery.

The downside to this is that she was unable to live beyond the age of 44 and would have to feed on the blood of humans to retain her unnatural abilities.

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Danielle DeNicola

Many have had an attempt of trying to replicate Dimitrescu’s appearance. But one has done better than all the rest. Danielle DeNicola, a cosplayer and Twitch Streamer based in the USA, provided her take on the iconic Resident Evil villain which could very well be the best we’ve seen.

Alongside the signature large black hat that Dimitrescu wears, DeNicola fashions the Wolverine-like claws, gloves and jewellery to which she looks exactly like her.

DeNicola has also cosplayed up as Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft and Panther from Persona 5 in the past, but this is arguably her most impressive attempt to recreate one of gaming’s newer faces.

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