Hafthor Bjornsson deadlift: Eddie Hall opponent lifts double his own weight


Hafthor Bjornsson, the man famed for deadlifting a world record 501kg in May 2020 – and for playing The Mountain in cult TV show Game of Thrones – has uploaded a new video to streaming video platform YouTube, in which he deadlifts twice his own bodyweight!

Bjornsson has retired from the professional strongman circuit and is currently in training to fight long-time nemesis and fellow legendary strongman Eddie Hall in the boxing ring, the man whose world-record Bjornsson beat with the aforementioned 501kg deadlift. 

The pair have been beefing for years; Bjornsson alleges that he was ‘cheated’ out of the 2017 Strongman title by Hall and British referee Colin Bryce.

During the Viking Press event, one of Thor’s reps was deemed to be incomplete by Bryce, which led to Bjornsson famously threatening to leave the event altogether unless the decision was overturned. Later on in the tournament, he snubbed Hall’s handshake at the podium.

Hall, equally annoyed by the entire debacle, claims that the Icelandic star has besmirched his good name and, in a recent interview, held little back in letting his feelings known on the Mountain, stating: “At the end of the day, he got his a*** handed to him in a strongman competition and the little p**** cat can’t take it. That’s it.”

The bout slated to settle the beef between the two titans is being marketed as “the heaviest boxing match in history,” and is set to take place in September of this year in Las Vegas, USA. 

In preparation for his upcoming fight with Hall, Bjornsson has lost 49kg, but this most recent video proves that the Icelandic giant is still more than capable of pumping heavy iron.


The legend of weightlifting has been in Dubai with fellow strongmen Larry Wheels and Mark Boyd, attempting to build a double-bodyweight deadlift of around 320kg. 

The video (seen above) features just Bjornsson and Wheels, the former of which blasted through several sets of snatch-grip high pulls with ease, followed by numerous 265kg deadlifts.

Bjornsson and Wheels then donned the straps and belts so that each man could perform 320kg deadlifts.

Bjornsson only weighs 155kg at present, so – though proverbial miles below his personal world record (501kg) best – the streamlined strongman’s 320kg lift was more than twice his bodyweight.


Despite a newfound commitment to cardio and morning jogs in the sun of Dubai, The Mountain has clearly not lost a significant amount of his famed power, let’s just put it like that!

Over on the other side of the globe, Nevada-based scientists better get ready to check the Richter scales in Las Vegas, Nevada come September. There hasn’t been a battle like Bjornsson vs Hall since Zeus laid waste to the Titans in ancient Greek mythology. 

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