FIFA 22: Chelsea's Mason Mount on the cover looks unreal


Mason Mount is quite possibly the hottest property in England right now.

And before you retort, no one’s comparing him to Jack Grealish or Phil Foden – the latter’s in a league of his own anyway.

For now, however, let’s focus on this English prodigy, the sensation that every Englishman thinks could help Gareth Southgate and his waistcoat be seen with some silverware come the end of the summer.

The 22-year-old has had 17 goal involvements this season in all competitions, including a goal in each of the UEFA Champions League quarter-finals and the semi-finals. For a midfielder of his age, that record is extraordinary.

And as much as rival fans might hate to admit, Mount is a genuine delight to watch.

FIFA 22 Cover

While he might be the cover-star of Chelsea’s season already, imagine, even reluctantly, if he were to hit the cover of FIFA 22.

That would be awesome, wouldn’t it?


Just in case you’re an Arsenal fan who’s struggling with their imagination right now – partly because of how The Gunners limped out of the Europa League against Villarreal – do not worry. We have the visuals for you.

Thanks to @F_Edits on Twitter, we can see what the Chelsea star would look like on the front cover of the next FIFA game, and as you can see, it looks beautiful!

This isn’t the first FIFA cover he has designed, though, he’s also done one for Manchester United star Bruno Fernandes and Borussia Dortmund‘s prodigy Jude Bellingham.

Going back to Mount, though, now you might hate to admit, but he does suit the cover and once the Euros is upon us, most of you would be wanting him right there.

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Then again, we might just be getting ahead of ourselves because neither will Southgate “unlock” him, nor will it come home.

It might head to France, though, where there is a certain Kylian Mbappe waiting to run past his opponents with the trophy. Which will also be a reminder to EA Sports that the Frenchman, after all, is arguably the cover star for world football right now, even if he failed to get his Paris Saint-Germain side into another Champions League final.

Let’s not go there just yet, though.

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