Man City, Liverpool, Man Utd: Who is the greatest side in Premier League history?


So, Manchester City are champions once again.

For the third time in the last four years, Pep Guardiola’s side will lift the Premier League trophy come the end of the season.

It’s becoming a bit boring, isn’t it?

Guardiola claimed that this title victory was the hardest due to the coronavirus pandemic causing a compressed campaign, being played behind closed doors for the vast majority.

But how does this City side rank compared to other Premier League title winners?

Well, we’ve decided to rank all 29 winners of the greatest league in the world from worst to best using the data available.

So, without further ado, check out our ranking of every Premier League winning side in history.


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29th | Manchester United 1996/97

The worst side to have ever won the Premier League. They may have had Eric Cantona but United amassed just 75 points, winning just 21 games.

28th | Arsenal 1997/98

One year later, Arsenal only managed 78 points.

27th | Blackburn Rovers 1994/95

Rovers lost seven times during this campaign – the most suffered by a title winning side. They picked up 89 points in a 42-game season

26th | Manchester United 1992/93

The first Premier League title was won with 24 wins in 42 matches, scoring just 67 goals.

25th | Manchester United 1998/99

How can the treble winners only be the 25th best title winning side? Well, they may have won the FA Cup and Champions League but they picked up 79 points on course to their Premier League triumph – the third worst tally of all past champions. They beat Arsenal to the title by a point.


24th | Leicester City 2015/2016

Yep, Leicester were better than United’s treble winners. N’Golo Kante, Riyad Mahrez, Jamie Vardy and co. only lost three games during their incredible 5000/1 feat.

23rd | Manchester United 2002/2003

2002/03 was the year Ruud van Nistelrooy fired them to glory and 83 points – five clear of Arsenal.

22nd | Manchester United 1995/1996

The season Kevin Keegan had a meltdown as United overturned a 12-point deficit to pip Newcastle on the final day of the season. But Fergie’s side lost six times and drew another seven.

21st | Manchester United 2010/2011

United cruised to the Premier League trophy in 2010/11, finishing nine points clear of Chelsea.

20th | Manchester United 2000/2001

Just 80 points for United in 2000/01 but they did finish 10 points clear of their nearest challengers, Arsenal.


19th | Arsenal 2001/02

This Arsenal side finished the season with 13 consecutive league wins to clinch the title, only losing three all campaign.

18th | Manchester United 2012/2013

Good points of this United side: They picked up 89 points and finished 11 points clear of Man City.
Bad points: They conceded 43 goals and lost three home matches – the joint worst of any side to win the league (until this season).

17th | Manchester United 1993/94

The double-winning side consisting of Cantona, Mark Hughes, Ryan Giggs and Andrei Kanchelskis managed 92 points and scored 80 goals during their 42-match season.

16th | Chelsea 2014/15

Jose Mourinho’s side only conceded nine goals at home but won just 26 and scored 73 goals.

15th | Manchester City 2013/2014

This City side scored 102 goals but lost six times.


14th | Manchester United 2008/09

Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, Carlos Tevez, Paul Scholes, Ryan Giggs, Rio Ferdinand and Nemanja Vidic. Some Man Utd fans will try to tell you this 2008/09 side was the greatest in Premier League history.

It was pretty good – picking up 90 points and keeping a record 14 consecutive clean sheets. But they scored just 68 goals. Only one Premier League winning side scored fewer – United’s 1992/93 team.

13th | Manchester United 1999/2000

What’s not to like about picking up 91 points, scoring 97 goals and winning the league by 18 points? Conceding 45 goals wasn’t great.

12th | Chelsea 2009/10

Chelsea may have scored 102 goals under Carlo Ancelotti but they lost six games and won the league by a single point.

11th | Manchester United 2006/07

United beat Chelsea by six points in 2006/07, earning 89 points

10th | Manchester City 2020/21

This City side can earn 89 points as a maximum, having lost five times already this season. They’ve been incredible since the turn of the year but let’s not forget their dodgy start to the campaign. They do deserve kudos for it being a compressed domestic season and the way they’ve dealt with it but you can’t compare this City side with some other Premier League winning sides based on the figures.


9th | Arsenal 2003/04

The Invincibles are only the ninth best title-winning side.

They may not have lost throughout the entire campaign but they did draw 12 – meaning 13 other Premier League winners won more matches. They only scored 73 goals too.

8th | Chelsea 2016/17

Once Antonio Conte switched to a 3-5-2 formation, there was simply no stopping the Blues.

They reached 93 points and won 17 of their 19 home matches.

7th | Manchester United 2007/2008

Statistically the best Man Utd side in Premier League history. Considering the number of times they’ve won it, it’s perhaps a surprise their best side is only in 7th.

They only beat Chelsea to the title by two points.

6th | Manchester City 2011/12

City’s first Premier League title was made possibly by Sergio Aguero’s dramatic winner on the final day.

They were the only side to rely on goal difference to clinch the title.

5th | Chelsea 2005/06

Jose Mourinho’s second consecutive title win with Chelsea was impressive – but not quite as good as his first.

They finished nine points clear of Man Utd and conceded just 22 goals, keeping 20 clean sheets.


4th | Chelsea 2004/05

In Mourinho’s first season, Chelsea picked up an impressive 95 points – a Premier League record at the time – and lost just once.

They kept 25 clean sheets conceding just 15 goals.

3rd | Manchester City 2018/19

A season after they became the Centurions, City posted a 98-point title winning campaign.

City won the league by a solitary point but did so by winning 32 matches for the second year in a row.

2nd | Liverpool 2019/20

Their first Premier League title was a special one for Liverpool. They picked up 99 points – the second highest tally in the league’s history, winning 32 of their 38 matches. They also romped to top honours by a massive 18 points.

1st | Manchester City 2017/18

Of course.

One hundred points, 106 goals scored and 19 points clear of second.

Can anyone really argue that this City side is the greatest the Premier League has ever seen?


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