Warzone Streetsweeper Loadout: All the Best Attachments and Perks to Use for the Shotgun

Call of Duty

Call of Duty Warzone is a huge success and gamers are constantly looking to find the best Warzone Loadout.

What is hugely important in the battle royale game is close range battles and with season 3 relatively new, the community is still looking for the best guns which match the meta.

Such battles are quick and sometimes you can see yourself against more than one opponent whilst on your own.

Therefore your close range weapon needs to be able to do a lot of damage and quickly, and the Streetsweeper seems to do just that.

Streetsweeper Best Loadout

Shotguns can be overlooked as players seem to prefer SMGs, however it seems like players are not casting their eyes on a gun with a lot of power.

What is good about the Streesweeper is that it is an automatic shotgun which has a superior fire rate. It also has the largest ammo pool in the class.

There are plenty of attachments to select via the Gunsmith and here are the best ones to equip.

Streetsweeper Warzone Best Attachments

  • Duckbill Choke (Muzzle)
  • 14.6 Ranger (Barrel)
  • Ember Sighting Point (Laser)
  • SAS Combat Stock (Stock)
  • STANAG 18 RND (Ammunition)

With these attachments, you are sure to be able to dominate in short spaces and will probably work a lot better than what many were using in past seasons, the FFAR.

The best FFAR class use to dominate but got nerfed so gamers do need to find other guns like the Streetsweeper, for close-ranged encounters.

Best Streetsweeper Warzone Class

Obviously to get the best class, you need the perks and another weapon to accompany the shotgun.

A sniper or Assault Rifle would be the best gun to pair up with the shotgun, as they can shoot more long range.


  • EOD (Perk 1)
  • Overkill (Perk 2)
  • Amped (Perk 3)

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