CM Punk takes hilarious dig at Vince McMahon while responding to Charlotte Flair tweet

Punk takes subtle dig at WWE boss McMahon on social media

CM Punk took a subtle dig at WWE and Vince McMahon on social media this week. 

The former world champion left the company on sour terms in 2014 but has remained engaged with the product in recent years. 

He regularly tweets and interacts with current Superstars, doing so once again this week with Charlotte Flair

On Wednesday evening, The Queen tweeted a photo of herself smiling on RAW commentary and wrote: 'caption this'. 

Punk couldn't resist getting involved and took a funny dig at his former boss by replying:


Check out the interaction below: 

Punk took a dig at McMahon on social media this week

You've got to admit, that's quite funny... and nothing less than we expect from someone like Punk, who is very good value on social media. 

He is, of course, referencing McMahon's instructions to guest commentators in WWE. 

The boss has a reputation for being in the ear of announcers non-stop and Punk, who made regular appearances on commentary, knows that. 

Punk made regular appearances as a commentator in WWE

In fact, he's previously spoken about how challenging he found the commentary role... and how he dealt with the stress.  

"I remember the first night on commentary, Vince started yelling in my headset. I elbowed Lawler. I wrote a note to him asking which is the volume bottom," the former WWE Superstar said in 2020, during an appearance on the Oral Sessions with Renee Paquette podcast.

"He pointed to it and I turned it all the way down. When we took the headsets off after the show, I was like, ‘Did you not know you can do that?’ He said, ‘We are going to get yelled at.’ 

Punk wasn't impressed with McMahon's instructions on commentary

"Vince never said anything to me." 

As of writing, Charlotte is yet to respond to Punk's tweet, which is racking up some solid numbers. We can bet this won't be the last time he takes a subtle dig at his former employer, either.   

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