Fight Night: The best boxing games of all time have been ranked


Ranker sure does come in handy for getting an idea of what’s hot and what’s not in any and all mediums.

Living up to their ‘vote on everything’ slogan, the site even has a best boxing games of all time list to sift through.

The list considers hard-hitting games focused on the world of throwing hands from every gaming generation.

To crack the list, a game simply has to have pleased enough players to warrant a solid vote count. With that in mind, let’s take a gander at what made it into the top ten.

10: Victorious Boxers: Revolution

Released in 2007, Victorious Boxers: Revolution was developed for the Nintendo Wii by AQ Interactive. In Japan, the game was known as Hajime no Ippo: Revolution in Japan. About as close to shadowboxing as video gaming gets.

9: Fight Night Round 2


The second instalment in EA’s classic Fight Night series, Fight Night Round 2 hit the shelves in 2005 and was a hit with PS2, Xbox and Gamecube players.

As good as its predecessor, Fight Night Round 2 was the first of four sequels.

8: Punch-Out!!

The fifth instalment in Nintendo’s Punch-Out!! series was developed by Next Level Games for the Nintendo Wii. The 2009 release managed to entertain gamers whilst giving them a surprisingly solid workout.

7: Fight Night 2004

The one that started it all. EA Sports’ 2004 entry into the world of boxing video games succeeded their classic old Knockout Kings series. Spawning four sequels and a whole lot of competitive multiplayer mayhem, Fight Night 2004 remains a classic 17 years on.

6: Super Punch-Out!!

Kicking it old school now, this 1994 SNES slugger proved rather seminal in its day. Cutting edge (by the not exactly impressive standards of the time), Super Punch-Out!! laid the foundations of what was to come in years after.

5: Knockout Kings


EA’s much loved first series of boxing games got its start in 1998. Over its five year run, it wowedplayers on a variety of consoles including the PS1, Nintendo 64, PS2, Xbox, Gameboy Colour and GameCube.

4: Fight Night Round 4

2009 saw the surprise return of the Fight Night series after a three-year hiatus. Boasting slick graphics and controls, it was more than worth the wait.

3: Punch-Out!!

Going even further back in time, 1987’s Punch-Out!! is the one that started it all for classic Nintendo series. Released as Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! in the States, this game-changer is fondly remembered to this day.

2: Fight Night Round 3

Fight Night strikes again with this highly acclaimed 2006 release. One of the most beloved instalments in the series, Round 3 took everything from the first two games and cranked it up a notch.

1: Fight Night Champion


A.k.a Fight Night Round 5, EA Canada’s fifth entry into the Fight Night series rocked the house after its 2011 release. The most advanced and immersive boxing game ever at the time of release, Fight Night Champion is a modern classic.

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