Mike Tyson claims ‘Toad Venom’ drug keeps him sober and will only fight when high


In a reveal that leaves one wondering if Mike Tyson even knows the definition of the word sober, the former heavyweight champ has praised a drug (yes, you read that right) for keeping him sober.

Tyson first took the psychedelic compound known as ‘Toad Venom’ during a time in which he was out of shape. Overweight and unmotivated, Tyson suddenly found the will to begin training again.

Former UFC champ Henry Cejudo recently discussed the matter with Tyson and podcast guest Mario Lopez.

Celebrating the purported benefits of the drug, Tyson said:

“I was 330-pounds, then boom! I used to smoke the toad, get in shape, then I smoked it again and was like, ‘Let’s f*** some n****** up. Excuse me!”

Toad Venom is derived from a very rare species of Sonoran Desert toad (so probably not suitable for vegans).


Upon ingestion, the drug’s high typically kicks in around the five minute mark with a trip that typically goes for one hour.

Known to inspire a sense of spiritual euphoria, Toad Venom has also been linked to debilitating side effects including paralysis, mood swings and vomiting.

As if psychedelics weren’t enough, Tyson and his business partner Alki David are currently involved in the budding cannabis business.


Like the Woody Harrelson of boxing, Tyson is a staunch supporter of the medicinal effects of cannabis use. Amazingly, Tyson even had a smoke before his comeback battle with Roy Jones Jr. back in November.

‘Iron’ Mike revealed to Lopez that from now on, he will only get in the ring after getting high on marijuana:

“I wouldn’t fight if I couldn’t smoke, I’d be nervous as a motherf***er. Can you imagine not being high and me in there, like, ‘Wow, f***’.”

One can’t help but wonder what the likes of USADA would have to say about that.

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