Anthony Joshua vs Tyson Fury: Round-by-round analysis of infamous 2010 sparring session


Anthony Joshua will go toe-to-toe with fellow Brit Tyson Fury in August of this year.

Ahead of one of the most highly anticipated bouts in recent history, many may have forgotten that the pair actually sparred together in 2010.

Both fighters were still quite under the radar, as Fury was just two years into his career as a professional boxer, while AJ was an up and coming novice.

It’s wild to think that 11 years later, the pair will duke it out in arguably the biggest boxing match in British history.

The story of this now iconic sparring session began with Fury issuing an open challenge for his Rolex. Anyone who could floor him would thus receive the watch. AJ then took the challenge, but what exactly went down in the ring?

AJ’s amateur coach Sean Murphy was present on the day and in a recent interview with iFL TV, broke down what happened in the sparring session round by round.

Round 1:

Murphy: “"(Fury) gets in the ring, first round I think he thought, 'This is just going to be a walk in the park'.

"But he came out and he sort of laid back relaxed, Josh walked over and just went uppercut, left hook and he (Fury) was like wobbling.


"It was like a little kick up the a***, like this is serious, this is serious.

"So anyway, he's got his hand on the rope now and I've gone to him, 'Nah, nah, nah, you can't do that'.

"And he's gone, 'Oh sorry sir. Sorry sir'."

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Round 2:

"So, had the first round, Josh done what he wanted really because he sort of dazed him in the first round.

"Then the second round, he (Fury) comes out and he starts talking to Josh, so he's getting in Josh's head a little bit.


"Now where Josh was hitting him with the straight shots, Josh is missing him now because he's swinging and he's trying to knock Tyson out now."

Round 3:

"So he's (Joshua) come back to the corner and I've given him a proper bollocking.

"I said, 'What the f*** are you doing?' Sorry about the language, I said, 'What the f*** are you doing? That's what he wants'.
"I said, 'Go out there and do what we were doing in the first round'."


"He went out there, boxed his head off in the third round and then Tyson's gone, 'Sean, let me have one more round, one more round, let me have one more round'.

"And he had a mark under his eye as well, and I said to Josh, 'Jump out Josh'."


"After the spar I said to Josh, 'Ask him if the Rolex was up for grabs'.

"Because I've seen him in an interview and he said, 'If anyone can knock me down, I'll give them my Rolex'.

"So he's sitting on the floor and fair play to him, he (Joshua) went to him, 'Was the Rolex up for grabs?' And he (Fury) started laughing.

"And he (Joshua) went, 'I nearly had it. I nearly had it'. And we probably nearly did if he followed it up when he grabbed the ropes he probably would have dropped him.


"It's neither here nor there, but fair play to to him, Tyson laughed and he said, 'Yep, you nearly did kid. You nearly did kid'.

"When they came we had no animosity, he was a really nice lad. I think he's a nice person, he's a boxing man.

"And when they get it on, that's what it going to be. It should be about the boxing, but you know it's going to be the buildup and all that.

"But it's going to make for a brilliant fight."

We are now just three months away from their first official bout, and boy oh boy are we going to be in for something spectacular.

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