Mane snubs Klopp: Remembering when Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson did the same


After an incredibly disappointing title defence campaign, Liverpool’s 4-2 victory over Manchester United on Thursday was a standout moment.

Not only was it an emphatic victory against their biggest rivals but it also gave them a fantastic opportunity to finish in the top four this season and quality for next season’s Champions League.

However, not all of the headlines were positive.

At full-time, Sadio Mane blatantly ignored Jurgen Klopp’s handshake as he walked off the pitch.

Mane was a second half substitute after being left out of the starting line-up for Diogo Jota. Despite Jota scoring during the 4-2 victory, Mane clearly wasn’t impressed by being left out.

After the match, Klopp insisted there weren’t any problems and that Mane was frustrated with a late selection change.

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“No, no problem,” Klopp insisted. “Yesterday I made a late decision in training to decide for Diogo. The boys are used to me explaining things usually but there was actually no time for that and that’s all. It’s all fine.”

However, it’s not the first time a Liverpool player has ignored Klopp’s handshake. In fact, it’s not the first time a Liverpool player has ignored Klopp’s handshake at Old Trafford.

Back in February 2019, Liverpool drew 0-0 with Man United at Old Trafford in a match where the Red Devils picked up THREE first half injuries.


With 20 minutes remaining, Klopp decided to substitute captain Jordan Henderson for Xherdan Shaqiri as Liverpool went in search of all three points.

However, Henderson didn’t appear particularly pleased with the decision and, as he was leaving the pitch, he ignored Klopp’s handshake and hug.

The German immediately confronted Henderson and a video shows him saying “You ignored me!” to which Henderson says, “I was clapping the fans,” and Klopp responds, “But you didn’t touch/clap my hand!”

After the match, Klopp cleared up the situation and claimed it was merely a misunderstanding.

“In terms of the situation, it was a pure misunderstanding. That’s clear,” said Klopp. “For me, when a player leaves the pitch, it’s clear, we shake hands.

“But I’m in the situation as well. I didn’t say you have to wait for me until I look at you again as I was with Shaq talking and then Hendo left. He was saying thank you to the crowd.


“I thought he didn’t [go to shake hands] and that’s why I turned and told him to [go back and shake my hand].

“But everyone else told me ‘no, no, no, he wanted to shake your hand but you were not ready’. That’s how a misunderstanding works. That’s all. It was nothing.”

What is it with Old Trafford and ignoring Klopp’s handshakes?

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