Becky Lynch: Five WWE Superstars 'The Man' could feud with when she returns

Becky Lynch

The speculation that a big name WWE Superstar is returning soon always gives fans a buzz. This is the case with Becky Lynch, who hasn’t competed since WrestleMania 36, where she retained the RAW Women’s Championship against Shayna Bazsler.

The reason for “The Man’s” absence is a fair one. She fell pregnant with her first child in 2020 and gave birth to a baby girl in December later that year.

Her presence in the ring and on the mic have been missed by many of the WWE Universe, but there is good news as of late, with rumours Lynch has signed a new contract with the company.

So, with the Irish Superstar set to make a come back in the near future, this had us thinking… who should she face when she does?

Check out five names who The Man could feud with when she returns to RAW or SmackDown:

5 | Charlotte Flair

A rivalry we might have seen several times over the past few years, but one that, especially since Lynch’s absence, could make for a brilliant sequel of matches.

There’s no denying the ability in the ring and on the mic that Charlotte Flair has, is quality. “The Queen” backs this up by being a 12-time Women’s Champion.

For Becky, Flair would be a brilliant first feud back, considering how safe she is in the ring, their history, their fight to be the best and the matches we’ve already seen them produce.

Charlotte Flair

4 | Alexa Bliss

Now just imagine this!

The Man returns after a long period, she grabs a mic and talks about how happy she is to be back and how once again she wants to be at the top of the women’s division. Then, the lights go out and the malfunctioning light sound occurs. When the lights come back up, Alexa Bliss has Lynch in a Sister Abigail, a quick kiss on the head and she hits the move. With the Irish Superstar laid out and many in shock over what they’ve just seen, Bliss leaves the ring and skips away giggling.

Now my fantasy booking is out of the way, the pair haven’t faced off one-one-one since July 2019, a lot has happened for both women since then and a lot could happen for them if this rivalry played out too.

Killer promos, intense matches and some creepy stuff along the way, WWE if you’re reading, book it!

Alexa Bliss

3 | Sasha Banks

Another name who The Man is no stranger to. Sasha Banks has not been seen since losing the SmackDown Women’s Title to Bianca Belair at ‘Mania 37.

Now the timescale for Lynch’s return is not known, but if it’s soon, then why not book them to do it on the same episode of the Blue Brand?

If this were to happen, Banks could be the jealous one in this scenario, stating to Becky that she upstaged her comeback. This would then lead to several weeks of build up between the pair and eventually a match at a pay-per-view.

Due to both women not being a stranger to one another, any potential bout between them would make for good viewing.

Sasha Banks

2 | Bianca Belair

Fireworks is the word I imagine if The Man turned up on the Blue Brand and challenged Bianca Belair for the SmackDown Women’s Championship, if “The EST of WWE” retained against Bayley.

These two women have never met in the ring. What an opportunity for this to finally happen, when Lynch returns to the squared circle.

A rivalry that could come from something as little as Becky’s recognition of Belair’s work in her absence, to The Man turning heel on Bianca and saying her time as champion will soon be over.

Sass, Lass and a penash. The EST of WWE going one-on-one with The Man is a must see!

Bianca Belair

1 | Rhea Ripley

Rhea Ripley taking on Becky Lynch would be immense, especially if it was built over several months. If Lynch’s return isn’t imminent, that’s fine, let’s give this one time and cement it for WrestleMania 38.

Whether it’s a return and Becky goes on to win the Money in The Bank briefcase, or hell, give her another Royal Rumble win next year, this match would be main event worthy.

We saw a glimpse of what the pair could do at the back end of 2019, when they went toe-to-toe on an episode of NXT. Move this to the main roster, with the RAW Women’s Title on the line, and we’re laughing.

Rhea Ripley

These are just five names who The Man could potentially face when she makes her long-awaited return to the company.

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