Cesaro on waiting for a WWE world title match & past relationship with Paul Heyman


This Sunday sees Roman Reigns defend his Universal Championship against Cesaro. This will arguably be The Head of The Table's toughest challenger to date, with The Swiss Superman looking strong ahead of the pay-per-view.

Cesaro, who has never competed for a world title in the WWE before, despite being part of the company for nine years, is arguably the most underrated Superstar on the roster.

Speaking to Dazn's Steven Muehlhausen ahead of his huge match with Reigns, The Swiss Superman discussed how he was told he'd have to be patient for a title shot.

“I spent many sleepless nights asking myself that question, to be honest,” he revealed.

“And, you know, I didn’t really find the answer. It’s just for certain people, it takes longer. I remember, when I first got to WWE after a year or two, somebody told me was like, ‘You’ll get there, it will just take a while. That’s just your path’.

"You don’t want to hear that when you just started. You don’t want to hear it will take a while, and you just see other people just jumping the line or getting the opportunity, and you’re just there working day in and day out. You don’t really want to hear that."

Cesaro's opponent on Sunday, The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns, will have his counsel Paul Heyman in his corner. The Swiss Superman is no stranger to Heyman, the pair worked together in 2014. The partnership was something he thought didn't go as smoothly as anticipated. 

Roman Reigns and Cesaro

“I’ll say this much. I learned a whole lot from Paul, and I still do. But I agree 100 percent with Paul’s assessment because that’s 100 percent right,” he said.

“Paul used that opportunity to talk about Brock Lesnar and I was second fiddle at that point. He even said that in the Talking Smack interview that he did. He said that he knows that alliance was more beneficial to him than it was for me.

“But you know what, despite that, I’m here today, challenging Roman Reigns on Sunday. I’m here despite not being picked, not being “The Guy” chosen by powers that be. I’m still here because of what I bring to the table. I feel that speaks for itself.”

Cesaro and Paul Heyman

When Cesaro and Reigns meet for the Universal Title on Sunday at WrestleMania Backlash, be prepared for a hard-hitting but excellent match.

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