John Cena's brilliant response to suggestions he 'carried WWE' for 15 years

Cena had a brilliant response to suggestions he carried WWE

John Cena was renowned as 'The Face of WWE' for much of his incredible run with the company.

Not only did he 'put butts on seats' night after night, break numerous records and headline multiple WrestleMania events, but he also did incredible work outside of the ring. 

The 16-time world champion was no doubt Vince McMahon's 'top guy' and spent much of his downtime doing an insane amount of media appearances and charity work.

Given how much Cena did for the company, many fans suggest that he 'carried WWE' for much of his career. 

But that's a suggestion the man himself doesn't agree with. 

During an interview with Den of Geek last week, reporter Nick Harley made the claim that Cena 'carried the company on his back', but John actually disagreed, giving a classy answer in response. 

"No, no, that’s not true. That’s not true. If you think so, watch any wrestling match or WWE performance with one individual. So I don’t believe in that term," he said. 

Cena does not believe he carried WWE

"It’s an absolute team effort. And I hate when people say that because it takes the credit away from a lot of talented individuals.

"But I think one thing is for certain that if WWE ever asked me to do anything, be it a phone interview or go to a smaller city to promote or go to a larger stage or fly across the world or et cetera, et cetera.

"For 15 years my life was a blur that had not much else in it except light blue canvas and ropes. And I love it for that. 

Cena loved his time in WWE

"And I think now the audience is very understanding that I developed a similar sort of passion towards this [acting].

"And you can’t be both places at once because one place will suffer or if not, both places will suffer." 

Cena also went on to pay tribute to the WWE Universe and revealed he looks forward to returning to the ring one day.  

Cena is excited to return to WWE

"So I really do appreciate the respect from the often critical, and as Michael Cole says, a polarizing WWE universe to kind of allow me to take this chance and stand up and see what I got. I really do appreciate it, but I do look forward to returning." 

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