WrestleMania Backlash: Chris Jericho's tweet about Zombies inclusion


Chris Jericho has torn into WWE for 'setting wrestling back by 30 years' after they featured lumberjack Zombies in The Miz vs Damien Priest match during Sunday’s WrestleMania Backlash pay-per-view.

Like many others, Jericho wasn’t best impressed by the antics, and here’s what he tweeted soon after the Zombies marched their way into the ring: “Zombies… ZOMBIES? Wow that just set wrestling back 30 years.”

Jericho’s words might seem like they are entirely his, however, if you try reading between the lines, he might have been referring to something that a WWE official said not long back, expressing his dislike for the inaugural Blood and Guts match at AEW Dynamite earlier this month.

It was PWInsider’s Dave Scherer who quoted the official as saying that the AEW match had “set the business back 30 years.”

But anyway, that didn’t stop Batista from sending his ‘Army of the Dead’ Zombies to WrestleMania Backlash. He had already dropped a massive hint before the show, tweeting that his “friends” would be paying a visit.

Priest, nonetheless, did win the Zombies Lumberjack match before heading back to safety before the Zombies were all over the ring, feasting on The Miz. Imagine believing they actually did that.


Here’s something even funnier for you; John Morrison got 'eaten' by the Zombies earlier in the show. We all admit that WWE is getting funnier by the day, but even by their standards, this is an altogether different level.

What sense does it even make? And who is entertained, if at all, by watching someone get eaten by fake Zombies?

Such moves may or may not set wresting back by 30 years, but they sure will take 30 years out of WWE’s life.

What would be the next move be? Witches? Angels? Frankenstein? Hotel Transylvania characters beating Roman Reigns? Someone has got to make it happen.

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