Cristiano Ronaldo scored unique Real Madrid goal past eight Malaga players in 2013


Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the greatest player in the history of Real Madrid.

Everyone from Ferenc Puskas to Iker Casillas and Alfredo Di Stéfano to Sergio Ramos are in the conversation, but nobody has ever been quite as prolific for Los Blancos as the Portuguese icon.

There's good reason to think that Ronaldo and Real's divorce on the back of the 2017/18 season was the wrong move for both parties based on how things have worked out in the years since.

Ronaldo at Real Madrid

And with rumours suggesting that Ronaldo could be waving goodbye to Juventus after three years, it's no wonder so many fans are turning back to the days of 'CR7' tearing up Spanish football.

Besides, Ronaldo's time at the Bernabeu perfectly incapsulated the peak years of his career and saw him finish with a barely believable record of 450 goals in just 438 appearances.

And although fantastic goals have also graced Ronaldo's time with Juventus and Manchester United, we can't be alone in thinking that his finest ever goals came in the famous white jersey.

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Ronaldo's stunning Real goals

No doubt a few of Ronaldo's legendary strikes are already coming to mind but let's face it, we've all seen his Juventus bicycle kick and Atletico Madrid free-kicks about one hundred times over.

And here at GIVEMESPORT, we love to highlight some of the lesser-spotted moments from some of the greatest players of all time and we happen to have a fine example when it comes to Ronaldo.

It sees us turning our attention to the 2012/13 season, Jose Mourinho's final campaign in the Spanish capital, with Real Madrid romping their way to a 6-2 win over Malaga in La Liga.

Surprisingly, Ronaldo only actually notched one of the six goals, though he did infamously injure Willy Caballero by striking a penalty so hard, but his lone strike was certainly a note-worthy one.


Ronaldo's indirect free-kick vs Malaga

That's because it came in the rarely-seen circumstances of an indirect free-kick with Ronaldo having the opportunity to take a faux set-piece within just a few yards of the Malaga goalmouth.

While that might seem simple, lest we forget that Malaga were able to stuff no less than seven of their players on the goal-line, giving Ronaldo just the narrowest of openings through which to score.

However, let's face it, this article wouldn't exist if Malaga were able to snuff out Ronaldo's strike, so be sure to check out the badass way in which the Real Madrid hero found the net down below:

Crash, bang, wallop - talk about a cracking goal.

Cooly dispatched by CR7

It's clear that Caballero wanted to set up his defence in a similar way to rudimentary free-kicks by creating a wall on one side of the goal and then taking responsibility for the other side himself.

However, the future Manchester City and Chelsea goalkeeper made the critical error of leaving too much space on his side, allowing Ronaldo to pick out the top corner when Xabi Alonso laid it off.


So, sure, Caballero did him a favour along the way, but it's still a collector's item to see Ronaldo scoring in such a unique way and you can tell from his celebration just how badass it made him feel.

Hardcore Ronaldo fans will know that he also scored an indirect free-kick against Aston Villa in his United days, but it's this Malaga belter that stands out in our minds the most. What a firecracker.

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