Mayweather, Pacquiao, Ali, Tyson: Who is the greatest boxer of all time?


Sports fans love themselves an all-time list.

Whether they make one themselves or someone does it for them, there is a very unusual satisfaction and excitement associated with such lists, not to forget the debate they spark. is one such place where you can find all sorts of lists, and the best part is, they are all created by the fans and are open to discussion.

So, after making our way over to the website, we found one for the 25 greatest boxers in history, and it really is as comprehensive as it gets.

Whether it is accurate or not, however, is for you to decide.

Let’s take a look at it, shall we?


25. Harry Greb

24. Bernard Hopkins

23. Sonny Liston

22. Benny Leonard

21. Jack Dempsey

20. Evander Holyfield


19. James J. Jeffries

18. Julio Cesar Chavez

17. Lennox Lewis

16. Marvin Hagler

25-16 Summary

Safe to say that all the spots are debatable, for comparing across eras is always a risky thing to do. You’re looking at comparing boxers not merely from a different time, but also boxers with different facilities, coaches and other resources.

Twenty fifth-ranked Greb could be the greatest of all time for some, while others would argue that Lewis should be in the top 10 for beating Mike Tyson alone, let alone the extraordinary career he had.

Speaking of Tyson, we'll be seeing him later on.


15. Joe Frazier

14. Jack Johnson

13. Willie Pep

12. Roberto Duran

11. George Foreman


10. Roy Jones Jr.

9. Henry Armstrong

8. Floyd Mayweather Jr.

7. Sugar Ray Leonard

6. Joe Louis

15-6 Summary

It’s not your eyes fooling you... someone really thought that putting Mayweather at the eighth spot is a wise idea. There is no justifying his spot here sadly for us, for any effort to do so is going to be futile. We are not looking at someone who fought 10-odd fights and retired unbeaten. We are looking at someone with 50 career fights. 50. And he’s still unbeaten.

One can argue all they like about his pragmatic approach, but the fact is, there’s hardly anyone who has ever been better at defending than him. No matter what your opinion about his spending or lifestyle is, he has to at least be in the top five.


5. Rocky Marciano

4. Manny Pacquiao


3. Mike Tyson

2. Sugar Ray Robinson

1. Muhammad Ali

5-1 Summary

The no.1 was never going to be a doubt. It is a well-acknowledged fact that Ali is the greatest of all time. No one even comes close. Robinson comes in at second followed by Tyson, which does not seem too wrong.

However, Pacquiao at four is a bit dodgy. Let’s be honest, his is a remarkable story, but sympathy shouldn’t be a contributing factor in deciding who is better than whom. It won’t be wrong to say Mayweather would be a better fit for the fourth spot.

What do you think?

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