Lewis Hamilton v Max Verstappen: McLaren boss Brown expecting turn 1 crash in near future

verstappen hamilton

McLaren chief Zak Brown is predicting that sooner or later Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen are going to have an incident that takes both of them out of a Grand Prix.

We’re looking set for a straight fight between the two drivers this year in the sport, with Hamilton currently leading the way in the Drivers’ standings by 14 points after winning three of the opening four Grands Prix.

Verstappen, meanwhile, won the other in Imola, and in every race we’ve seen the title-tussling pair go wheel-to-wheel on circuit with it, so far, remaining firm but fair.

Indeed, we’ve had notable turn one clashes at both Imola and last time out in Spain at the beginning of races between the two and Brown is thinking that it’s quite possible the duo will, on at least one occasion, take each other off Prost/Senna style.

“I think rivalries are great for the sport and having those two guys go at it is good,” said Brown via Autosport, with him speaking at the launch of McLaren’s Gulf livery for the Monaco Grand Prix.

“Hopefully, at some point over the course of a year, that creates an opportunity for us, because I think it is just a matter of time until they both are determined to not let up in to Turn 1 and neither come out.

verstappen hamilton

“I think it’s great for F1. Lewis has had a pretty easy ride out, apart from his one year with Nico [Rosberg].

“So I think it’s a great rivalry. I think Max has gotten Lewis to step up, not that he’s needed much stepping up. But he’s definitely on his A-game.

“I think it’s clear that Lewis is a very smart driver. You can just see him sitting there waiting to strike and isn’t kind of over-eager. I think that’s his experience coming through.”

Certainly, it’s been enthralling watching the two title pretenders come within millimeters of taking each other out but, crucially, keeping it fair and square and that is what you want to see.


There’s evident respect between the two drivers and we can all hope as fans for a proper fight for the duration of the season.

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