YouTube vs TikTok Boxing: Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall Fight at Press Conference

Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall

It all kicked off at the YouTube vs TikTok boxing press conference between influencers Austin McBroom and Bryce Hall.

Stars from YouTube and TikTok are due to fight each other in the boxing ring on June 12 and the build up for the event is starting to heat up.

The ‘Battle of the Platforms’ has gained a lot of attention as fans of the stars hope that their favourites can come out on top in the ring.

The Press Conference on May 18 was set up for fighters to have their say and to meet their opponents.

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Austin McBroom vs Bryce Hall

Austin and Bryce will be fighting in the main event of the evening and you could immediately tell tensions were high as the two started having a war of words a couple of minutes into the press conference.

The fight started following the two sitting down together to talk about their upcoming fight, Bryce expressed his anger towards Austin. He said: “Don’t step up on me like that”.

Austin then stands up and before anyone could react they were pushing each other to the ground and a brawl emerged.

At this point, several other people had to interfere to stop the fight from getting out of hand. Following the press conference, Austin and Bryce took to social media to continue their heated face-off.

With the two getting even more worked up for the fight, June 12 cannot come soon enough and fans will definitely be in for a great fight when the two enter the ring in Miami.
Have a watch of the full press conference here. 

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