Club logos quiz part II: Can you guess which club these badges belong to?


Ten days ago, we unrolled our Ultimate Club badges quiz - you all then smashed it smithereens.

Now, we've heard the cry of the angry mob stood outside with pitchforks and flaming torches as they bay for a greater challenge.

We've gone away, given ourselves a thorough pep talk and come up with something truly revolutionary: Ultimate Club Badges... Part 2.

While the founding father of the badges quiz focussed in on Europe, this time around we have gone worldwide, with a globe-trotting quiz that is just as good as foreign travel. Not really, but we're trying.

On top of that, we have zoomed in further on the crests, giving you, the gamer, less to work with in your bid for club badge immortality.

With clubs from South America to Africa, the MLS to the tropical Scottish Premier League, your global football knowledge is about to be tested to the extreme.

(Credit: The Football Terrace)

The concept remains the same. You will be required to name the club in question after being shown only a small snippet of their club crest.

Last time out, the comments section was littered with smug folks who aced it with ease; this time around, you're really going to have to work for it.

Don't get us wrong, 100% is definitely achievable and would be an impressive feat to boot - but let's be honest, you only need to nail one more correct answer than your mates to be crowned club badges king.

So, without further ado, your reckoning awaits. 

Good luck!

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The Ultimate Club badge Quiz part II: Whose club badge is this?

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