Eddie Hall vs Thor: Boxing footage with Lawrence Okolie emerges


Former World’s Strongest Man Eddie Hall has recently released a video on his official YouTube channel of him training with recently crowned WBO champion Lawrence Okolie.

Hall is in the process of ditching Strongman for boxing, and he is preparing for his bout against fellow former World’s Strongest Man winner Hafthor Bjornsson.

Not a bad training partner to acquire ahead of the showdown later this year.

Speaking of the boxing fight scheduled for September 2021, it won’t be the first time the two men have met in a competitive environment; Hall beat Bjornsson in the 2017 World’s Strongest Man competition and they’ve pretty much had beef ever since. 

Dubbed “The Heaviest Boxing Match in History,” both these men thrive on trying to get one over on the other. Back in 2016, Hall set the world record in deadlifting with an impressive 500kg. He held this record ’till the Icelandic native beat him with a 501kg lift in his private gym. 

This also caused massive drama as The Beast claimed it shouldn’t have stood because it happened at a private gym, rather than a competitive event. Nevertheless, the record stands and the hatred between the two continues to grow.

Turning his attentions to boxing and training, Eddie ‘The Beast’ Hall has now found help preparing for the fight in the form of the cruiserweight champion Okolie. 

The boxing champion started by putting Hall through some mobility and footwork drills; Hall would shuffle around the ring while being told to keep his hands up. 

This was something fans picked up on in the comments section, so it’s clear that that is what Hall must work on if he is to be victorious later this year.

Later on in the video, we see Okolie equip himself with a body bag and say: “Without a body bag, you’d really be feeling these shots. Those are ones you don’t take, you run.” 

Minutes later, we see Hall catch The Sauce with a heavy series of body shots causing the cruiserweight champion to say: “You know I’m not actually Thor.”


At one point, the shots got too much for Okolie, so much so he actually had to change his training gear, so clearly there is some serious power behind those Hall punches.

While Okolie might be a professional boxer, it is interesting to see him intimidated by Hall’s size and power. When asked to comment on what it is like taking Hall’s shot, he replied: “It’s scary, bro. I’m trying to soak it and stay there, but my body’s like no. 

“I know the camera’s rolling and I want to stay there.”

There is no official date yet for the bout between the two former World’s Strongest Men, but it’s pencilled in for September of this year.

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