Frank Lampard to Crystal Palace: Christine could be an unseen influence at Selhurst Park

Frank Lampard during his time as Chelsea manager

Frank Lampard is in the running to become the next Crystal Palace boss, and if he gets the job, his wife Christine Lampard could prove to be one of the more influential figures behind the scenes at Selhurst Park.

Of course, the famous TV presenter wouldn't be involved in running the South London club, but when speaking to the High Performance Podcast in September 2020, Lampard revealed that his wife plays an important role in his management career.

She not only 'coaches' Lampard, to paraphrase the potential future Eagles boss himself, but also gave direct advice on specific scenarios during his time as Chelsea manager that are bound to crop up again should he take the Palace job.

Lampard said of Christine: "Oh, she definitely coaches me.

"I do throw a lot of things off Christine, and she’s not picking what full-back we’re going to play that weekend. But at the same time, if I have certain issues which are life issues, and actually football issues sometimes, I can definitely go home. I’m fortunate to have that, because I think she’s very work oriented. She’s had a really good career in what she does, I obviously love her very much but I really respect her for how she’s got on in her career and works, and how diligent she is.

"And I love to bounce, because it’s a different view, a different opinion. I can get bogged down. I spend so much time on Cobham I almost live in my Chelsea tracksuit sometimes - I have to take it off when I get home. Because I’m looking at the Chelsea badge, I’ve been at Cobham all day in an environment with my staff all the time. It’s great, sometimes I go: 'Christine, what do you think about this problem, I’ve got a player here and he didn’t turn up for training yesterday. But we still probably need him on the weekend, what do you think?' And she goes: 'does he have a girlfriend, a wife? Is there a problem? Have you spoken to them? Maybe you should speak to them.' And I’m like, 'yeah.'"

"So she’s not my life coach as such, but I’m very fortunate to have someone to bounce things off of at home."

This gives a fascinating insight into Lampard's mindset as a coach. It seems that he is fully aware that he is not the finished article yet, and that he is willing to hear other people's thoughts in dealing with issues off the pitch so that he can get the best results on it.

It's an approach that worked at times at Chelsea, as he led the club to an FA Cup final and a top-four finish in his first year at Stamford Bridge.

Now, he could get the opportunity to prove his worth at another Premier League club, this time at Palace. This would be bound to throw up new challenges, as Lampard would have to figure out how to progress Palace from being an established bottom-half club, to moving into the top 10 and beyond.

In that respect, he might find himself leaning on Christine more than ever before - so Palace's players would be minded to stay on her good side!

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