Scholes vs Gerrard vs Lampard: Fans are angry with Premier League Hall of Fame decision


The Premier League have confirmed the first eight inductees for their new Hall of Fame.

England's top-flight has sought to acknowledge its finest players since the 1992 rebranding by inducting them into an exclusive club of legends akin to what we see in American sports.

It's a fascinating concept that will see the greatest ever Premier League players getting the credit they deserve, but also keeping some of the most interesting debates around them alive.

Premier League Hall of Fame

The first part of the selection process was pretty straightforward with the Premier League getting the ball rolling by announcing Thierry Henry and Alan Shearer as the inaugural members.

Considering the Arsenal and Newcastle legends are arguably the greatest player and goalscorer that the division has ever seen, there was little complaints with them being given the nod.

However, from that point onwards, the Premier League opened the floor to the fans by giving them the opportunity to vote on the next six players who would join Shearer and Henry in the club.

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New set of inductees

The competition itself drew up a stunning 24-man shortlist consistently of players that, frankly, all deserve to be inducted into the Hall of Fame at some point or another.

But alas, it was up to the fans to vote on the six players who stood head and shoulders above the rest and the results of the masses have been revealed.

Over the last few days, the Premier League have announced the next six entries as Eric Cantona, Roy Keane, Frank Lampard, Dennis Bergkamp, Steven Gerrard and David Beckham.

Based on what the Premier League have said hitherto, we won't be seeing anymore Hall of Fame entries for the foreseeable future and there's one particular absentee that has struck a nerve.


That is, of course, Mr. Scholes.

Fans bemoan Scholes' absence

In fact, anger surrounding the absence of the United legend, particularly given that Lampard and Gerrard have been included, led to his name trending on Twitter on Thursday afternoon.

And not only do countless fans think he should have been picked, but many of them are particularly aggrieved that the Chelsea and Liverpool icons he's so often compared to have beaten him to it. 

Are you in that school of thought or do you think it's correct that Lampard and Gerrard were ahead of him in the queue? Either way, you can check out the passionate response on Twitter here:

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Look, at the end of the day, I think we can all feel pretty confident that Scholes will be inducted into the Hall of Fame during the 2020 cohort at the very least.

Scholes will be picked, eventually

Nobody's denying that the United legend is one of the most decorated footballers in Premier League history and regularly viewed by icons of the game as arguably their toughest ever opponent.

So, don't worry, Scholes' time will come and there's good reason to think that he's only missed out because the votes of United fans will split across more nominees than Chelsea and Liverpool supporters.


However, regardless of why Scholes is waiting on the sidelines for now, we'd be lying if we said it wasn't great to see the classic debate between him, Gerrard and Lampard crank into gear again.

If only England had a midfield of those three again this summer...

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