Euro 2020: Every home and away shirt has been ranked from worst to best


We can’t wait for Euro 2020.

What’s better than a summer International tournament?

A month-long football festival with matches pretty much every single day.

The domestic European season may have a few days remaining but our attentions have already turned to the European Championships.

Nations have already started naming their 26-man squads and they’ve whet our appetite.

While we’re starting to discover which players will be involved, what will they be wearing?

Well, the Independent decided to take a look at every home and away kit that will feature in the tournament and ranked them from worst to best.

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Who received their only cap against Norway in 2012?

We bring you their entire ranking which excludes North Macedonia, who are yet to release their kit for the competition.

So, without further ado, check out their opinion of the worst to the best kits on show this summer.

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Every Euro 2020 shirt ranked from worst to best

46. Czech Republic away

45. Poland home

44. Belgium home

43. Turkey home

42. Ukraine home

Independent say: “The good people at Joma have had a decent crack at this, and the end result is broadly palatable.”


41. Ukraine away

40. Slovakia away

39. Switzerland home

38. Denmark home

37. Portugal away

Independent say: “Fun, colourful, eye-catching. A useful reminder to brush your teeth.”


36. Czech Republic home

35. France away

34. Poland away

33. Sweden home

32. Finland home

Independent say: “When the printer runs out of ink.”


31. Turkey away

30. England away

29. Denmark away

28. Italy away

27. Hungary home

Independent say: “Mmm, nice. Could have added some skinny white and green trim to the sleeves, if we’re being fussy, which we are.”


26. Belgium away

25. Russia home

24. Finland away

23. Hungary away

22. Croatia away

Independent say: “Black kits need to be menacing and this one is. Smart design with a simple trim. Well done to all involved.”


21. Netherlands home

20. Spain home

19. Slovakia home

18. Scotland home

17. Spain away

Independent say: “Clinical, with one of the best sleeve trims around, just enough to remind you who you’re up against.”


16. Croatia home

15. Scotland away

14. France home

13. Austria home

12. Netherlands away

Independent say: “Another black kit and another good one, enhanced by the flashes of orange and the fact it commits to only two colours. The collar is sharp too. We like this.”


11. Germany home

10. Russia away

9. England home

8. Switzerland away

7. Wales home

Independent say: “Simplicity + sleeves is such a trusty combination and Wales nail it here. That shade of red is pitch perfect. The crest, the collar, the shoulders: everything is neat and smart. And then those sleeves. Phwoar. Mmhmm. Yep.”


6. Germany away

5. Portugal home

4. Austria away

3. Italy home

2. Wales away

1. Sweden away

Independent say: “Wow. The pinstripes are beautiful and terrifying all at once against a moody, intense dark blue. The V-neck works well and the ratio of yellow flashes to shirt is perfection. A king among loyal subjects. A deity among mortals. A sacred robe among mere football kits. We have our winner.”


For the full rankings and to check out every shirt, head to the Independent HERE.

The tournament kicks off on June 11 when Turkey face Italy in Rome.

There are then multiple group stages between then and June 23 before the knockout stages.

The final takes place at Wembley on July 11.

Bring. It. On.

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