Formula 1: Christian Horner fires double barb at Lewis Hamilton & Toto Wolff

christian horner

Red Bull Team Principal Christian Horner has come out fighting at the Monaco Grand Prix with him taking a swipe at both Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff with some recent comments.

The Red Bull team is battling the Mercedes team this season in Formula 1 with drivers Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton going head-to-head for the Drivers' title.

And, by the looks of things, it's beginning to warm up off of the track as much as on it with a few barbs getting sent between the two championship contending parties.

Earlier this week, Lewis Hamilton suggested in his press conference that Max Verstappen was the more aggressive of the two and that he'd had to be careful to avoid collision with the Dutchman at certain points this year, something that Max was quick to suggest was a far more 50/50 affair.

And, now, Horner has taken issue with Lewis' comments with him suggesting that the seven-time champion is playing mind games - something that Horner feels he revels in:

“Lewis loves all that rubbish so will just let him get on with it,” he told Sky Sports F1.

“Max does his own thing, is his own man. The fact that Lewis feels the need to do that means that actually, Max is probably getting under his skin a bit.

verstappen hamilton

“It’s great, it’s part of the sport. We’re only at the beginning of the Championship, we’re not even anywhere near halfway yet. Can you imagine what it is going to be like by the time, if they are that close, going into the last few races?”

Hamilton, though, has not been the only key Mercedes figure to draw the ire of Horner ahead of this weekend's Grand Prix around the streets of Monte-Carlo.

Discussing Mercedes and Toto Wolff's continued complaints over the Red Bull's 'bendy' rear wing and whether it's flouting technical regulations, Horner suggested the Mercedes chief might want to focus his attentions elsewhere.

christian horner

“I think Toto’s more focused on our rear wing than he is on next year,” Horner went on.

“I don’t know what’s going on in their business but Toto knows what’s going on in everyone’s business.

“I would be surprised [if it’s true] because the rate of development is still quite intense so we’ll see. We’ve only done four races.”

Things are certainly getting a bit tasty away from the circuit and we're only four races in - let's hope the on-track action is just as exciting this weekend in Monaco.

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