Harry Kane's interview with Gary Neville: Tottenham striker speaks about his future


Where will Harry Kane be playing next season?

Reports emerged earlier this week that the Tottenham captain has asked to leave the club in the summer.

Where will he be going?

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Early suggestions were that Manchester City, Manchester United and Chelsea were all interested with Kane seemingly intent on remaining in the Premier League.

We hadn’t heard from Kane until yesterday when The Overlap YouTube channel released a teaser interview between the striker and Gary Neville. Kane spoke about his future and suggested he will be having a conversation with chairman Daniel Levy.

And now, The Overlap have released the full hour-long chat between Kane and Neville during a game of golf.

Check out the full interview here:

We’ve picked out some of the most interesting quotes during an interview in which Kane speaks about a wide range of topics.

Harry Kane on…His love for Tottenham

“Yeah no, obviously I’ve been at Tottenham since I was 11 years old, over half of my life there. A lot of ups and downs along the way you know. I had to work extremely hard to get to where I am but yeah just love the club. Love the fans. Like I say, huge part of my life. Obviously, this season has been a little disappointing from my clubs point of view but we’ve had some good years over the last 5 or 6 years now, I guess we just got to see where that goes.”


Harry Kane on…The difference between Pochettino and Mourinho

“Yeah I mean it was pretty much completely different if I’m honest. Just in the style of play, the way they set up, tactical training we would do. Obviously Mauricio we do a lot of gym work, it was a lot of gym base whereas Jose wasn’t so much into that but Jose obviously expected us to be men and act like men on the pitch, have leaders on the pitch. To be honest, that’s probably where it didn’t quite work out with Jose we didn’t quite have enough leadership that we needed at the time.

“Obviously, the club was in a difficult stage, with Mauricio getting sacked it’s never easy for a new manager coming in. I think with Jose I had a great relationship with him, we got on from minute one. I think we understood each other, we had a similar mentality and how we saw stuff on the pitch, off the pitch and mentality in training so we kind of built that relationship. Again it’s a shame we couldn’t go on to win things but I’ve been lucky enough to work with Maurizio & Jose, they’re two incredible managers that’s only helped me in my career for sure.”


Harry Kane on…Jose Mourinho’s sacking

“I was surprised, I mean I’ve said that before. I was surprised at the timing of it. Like you say, it was the decision of the club, Daniel would’ve had his reasons for doing it but I was surprised obviously. Jose’s a winner, we know Jose’s record in finals and things like that so… I said before we found out maybe five minutes before everyone else did. Whether it was something they thought about for a while or it was just an in the moment decision, I’m not too sure.”


Harry Kane on…His future

“For me, I don’t want to come to the end of my career and have any regrets so I want to be the best that I can be. I’ve said before, I never say I’d stay at Spurs for the rest of my career… I’d never say I’d leave Spurs. I’m at that stage where you can say you know, people may say ‘oh he’s
desperate for trophies, he needs the trophies’.

“I still feel like I got almost another career to play. I’ve got 7-8 years, kind of what I’ve had so far in the Premier League. I’m not rushing anything, I’m not desperate to do anything but yeah I just want to be the best version of me. I feel like for sure, I’ve still got so much more to give, I can be even better than what I’ve been, I can produce better numbers than what I’m producing at the moment…”


Harry Kane on…His career reaching a crossroads

“I think so…I think that’s definitely a conversation to be had with the club. I want to play in the biggest games, the biggest moments. I’m there watching the Champions League, watching the English teams and they’re doing amazing and they’re the games I want to be involved in. For sure, there’s a moment in my career where I have to reflect and see where I’m at and have a good honest conversation with the chairman and I hope we can have that conversation. I’m sure he’ll want to set out the plan of where he sees it but ultimately it’s going to be down to me and how I feel and what’s going to be best for me and in my career at this moment in time.”


Harry Kane on…What will stop him breaking Alan Shearer’s record

“Oh, I guess injuries would be the biggest thing obviously I’ve had injuries, ankle injuries and I haven’t had anything that’s kept me out for months and months touch wood but erm, yeah I guess for me I think injuries would be, be the biggest thing. Of course, there’s always the option of maybe moving abroad one day but I don’t think that really interests me in the near future. Yeah, injuries I guess in my mind would be the only things but like I said I feel like I’ve got a good seven or eight years at the top when you look kind of the Messi’s, Ronaldo’s … your Ibrahimović’s all kind of getting better as they get, reach their early 30s.”


Harry Kane on…The dream player to play with

“Oh De Bruyne for sure. When I watch De Bruyne play he’s a special, special player and some of the balls I see him put in for City are just a strikers dream if I’m honest but yeah he’s outstanding, you’ve seen him, he’s an outstanding player with the ball, off the ball, pressing, but his delivery is as good as I’ve ever seen to be honest.”


Harry Kane on…His toughest opponents

“Well early on in my career John Terry, I played against him a couple of times and he was so switched on. Positioning like just his body movement, trying to take him on he’d always get his body across and make it really difficult so he’s a really smart defender.

“I mean Van Dijk now for Liverpool’s a great defender, like big strong fast. I never kind of go away from a defender, I mean with my game now like I said drop in deep and try and get on the ball in different ways. There might be times where I’m not going to run in behind someone like Van Dijk but I’ll try and maybe drag him out of his position and maybe utilise it that way. Yeah there’s some, some great defenders and like I say even in Europe playing against people like Sergio Ramos.”


The Overlap is a new YouTube channel from Gary Neville in partnership with Sky Bet.

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